101 greatest job creators youth can value most

A 25 around jinping and kissinger including c100:: B 25 around jack ma and coding/leasrning geneartion wizards

C 25 around g20 sustainability solutions networks and with china connections

D 25 others but who could gain from connecting with china

resources AC http://smbaworld.com/id202.html

resourecs B CEC

resources mainly B blockchain

resources worldrecosr jobs creators http://rowp.tv


A1 Jinping

A2Jinpings wife links in first ladies g20 curricula

A3-A8 reserved top 7 china from late 2017

A9 Cheng Li Boigrapher of Xi Brookings connectirs

A10 Tsinghua President -hosts thinktanks AB

A11 whomever CCTV briefed to investgate education

A12-15 other tope state eneterpirsies eg china mobile

A16-20 Regional or smartcity/vilage leaders

A25 Wu chair c100 and san francisco connector-potential to connect bedy yang 500 female startuos -mountain view to brazil to china

A24 Hing kongs richest busienssman also founder of CG UNI 


B1 Ma

B2 Jim KIm

 Joe Tsai (B3), Feng Lun Vantone  , china centre world trade NY (B4), Guo Guangchang Fosun (B5),

Shi Yuzhu Giant Interactive (B6) , Huang Nubo Zhingkun (B7), Bernard Chan HK (B8), Allan Zeman HK (B9), Charles Yen TW (B10)

B13 branson can help with blockchain and green finance and bcorps

B14 chinas leading green enetrepreneur

B15 Nobel economist Phelps Columbia Uni with Ying Lowrey Tsinghua Biographer of Ma

B17 who is most scaling open content in china

B18 yale graduate serve china villages



C1 Modi as connector G20 2019

C2 ban ki-moon if skorea president

C3 pope francis as connector of G20 2018- links green and peac club of rome; un food agencies; underground coliisseum of joyful cultures of youth- challenger of eu's ani youth system designs

C4 gordon brown also can conect learning gen, africa, g20 and refugees- can also remarket english language and bbc

C5 Putin is integral to brics and One Road

C6 Canada's trudeau - youngest national leader- china ali baba pavillion- canada desperate stuident exchanges - still only 5% graduates fo

c7 NZ and Aus prime mnisters early partbers of ali baba uni and teir youth's exchangesd with china

c8 bachelet as probably china's mlost trusted (iward invetsment rewarded) latin american president prior to argentina g20

c9 searching out who is china's maot trusted african president

outside egypt; c10 inside egypt


D1 Sir Fazle Abed

D2 george patton or komesaroff or paul farmer - womever eladers peer to epoer adolescent ehalth curricula and connecst tese alumni with youth reconcilation of cultures started 2004 GRN Monash with 70 countries oif reconciliation

D3 Al Hathaway and black communities rebuild usa supercities with w. baltimore and bllochchain trainers -faith, conscious property, sports apparel- america leading hub of livelihhods (not careers) officesd and first rachel parner; histiry lof comunities of thurgood marshall, and 30 yeras before gandhi's 1906 satygraha tested us law or rights of non-whites-also baltimore epicetre of environment research of world's number 1 freshwater esturay and an origina us suoerport

D4 Yunus sturytleer of why did mass media not include elague tables for superstars of sustainable youth to celebrate- including his sercah for solar-a-biliom

D5 Harrison owen open space as simplest way fpor communities of 5000 (eg school communiteis) todemnad open everythinhg and self-oransiaing in line with naturesd pattern rule -laos ptractice of peace as a system risk mediatoon 

D6 Berners Lee & MIT open everything = real stating point of IR2 to IR4 : 2 worldwide web, 3 text universal mobile access; ir4 smart mobile blockchained

D7 nilekani continuing kalam 2020 visiosn, pivotal to india's billion person uive=stral id at under $1 per head and hence linking hat to blockcahin, connecetd with prince charles microsolar prize networks 

D8 Soros connects tipping points investors and Walesa solidarite networks, nobel womens networks, Gorbachev, savior of Europes Borders and ultimately expose how germany used euro to disadvantage of poorer natiuns of europe 

D9 Leonsis - 10 give back supercity- university of stars  models -hubed through 1776 with steve case

D10 Blum capacitry to conect berley coders big gdata sme including give directly - conections with iadb , so both china and argentivc=na g20- encourages students exchnages to help create microfranchsie curricula particular latin on both sides of bodrer

D11 Samara/May/Rachel-Intel- scaling africa open edu channel

D12 Blecher-safrica or gandhi family lucknow india- school systems where teachers and alumni love youth- potentiasl connectiosdn kalam 2020, mandela extranet, marharishi self-empowerment

D13 tokyo mayor - edu comission - best adolesecent curriculum zen- can releingk mayors as place brands mlost cone cetd with jobs and replication city lever franchises-maps back spirt of tokyo olympics including stars who give back- potentail to connect skorean braders of ladies world golf- also why not ask joi it to recruit and asian50 to supplemet c100

D14 Abdul latif conects mits  labs, middle east franchise toyota -bridge to saudi

d15 someone in money for motion networks that connected mpesa, bkash, legatum dubai, mit villege phone entrepreneuysr (quadirs) 

D16 someone at wise qatar connects beijings greatest education sumits- inaugirated education laureates aroujd sur fazle abed- map back dubai 2020 world expo and maximisation of youth - dubai has under 25 year old  and =female minister of youth

d17 ethipopia's pan ad=frca comidy marekt dsigne - see world bank tedx

x1 Kissinger
2 China #50Entrepreneurs Adam Smith Might Celebrate Development Microeconomics with
3 Jack Ma Language Teacher, Global Village Job Creation's Wealthiest Entrepreneur (C1) global friends updated Sept 016 aug 2016 AliResearch AliBabaUni Hupan.com
3.1 Jim Kim (G1) WorldBank , Franciscan POP, UNCTAD, Education Commission
3.2 Gordon Brown (G4) Education Commission Inaugural Philanthropy Summit Blockchain (soon to be Blockchain)
3.3 Richard Branson (G5) - common interest blockchain, entrepreneur curricula, infiltrating g20 with green finance and B corp- main B20 china leaders green buildings Zhang Yue (C2), Satoshi(G6)
4 Jack Ma China G20 Friends : Xi Jinping (C3) , Qiu Yong (C4) Qian Yingyi (C5) Ai Feng (C6) Xu Jinghong (C7)
4.1 3 Jinping ONE BELT ONE ROAD, Infrastructure Bank, Climate World Leaders, EWTP
5 Jack Ma Friends helping set up Global University of Sustainability & Leapfrog Coding - Joe Tsai (C8), Feng Lun Vantone, china centre world trade NY (C9), Guo Guangchang Fosun (C10), Shi Yuzhu Giant Interactive (c11) , Huang Nubo Zhingkun (C12), Bernard Chan HK (C13), Allan Zeman HK (G7), Charles Yen TW (C14)

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The top philanthropist, He Qiaonv, chairman of landscape company Orient Landscape, donated 2.9 billion yuan of corporate stock to a foundation set up under the name of the company. She was the first woman to occupy the top spot on the list, which was first issued in 2011. Another 14 women made the list in 2015.

The report published by China Philanthropy Research Institute of Beijing Normal University compiled the top 100 donators in Chinese mainland.

xi jinping; li keqiang


Li Keqiang was endorsed as the Premier of China's State Council at the first session of the 12th NPC in Beijing on March 15, 2013.

Li Zhanshu born Bebei 1950;; Zhao Leji dedicated work in remote areas;   Han Zheng (former mayor of Shanghai);; Wang Huning ;; Wang Yang (interesting- hails form one of country's poorest provinces Born: Mar 12, 1955 (age 61) · Suzhou, Anhui, China;;  Hu Chunhua (interesting)  ;;; Sun Zhengcai (youngest)

x  moreon keqiang


During a tour to a shopping street in Zhaotong city of Yunnan on Jan 23


Xi Jinping

  • Spouse: Peng Liyuan (m. 1987) · Ke Lingling (Former)
  • Office: President of the People's Republic of China (Since 2013)
  • Previous offices: Vice Chairman of the Central Military Commission (2010 - 2012) · Vice President of the People's Republic of China
  • Children: Xi Mingze (Daughter)

The Party
Party Secretary: Xi Jinping

Politburo Standing Committee

China’s paramount authority (7 members)

1. Xi Jinping Secretary General
2. Li Keqiang Premier of the State Council

--------------to retire 2017?
3. Zhang Dejiang Chair of the NPC
4. Yu Zhengsheng Chair of CPPCC 
5. Liu Yunshan Party School and Central Committee Secretariat
6. Wang Qishan Central Commission for Discipline Inspection
7. Zhang Gaoli Also Vice Premier

The Politburo

(7 Standing Committee Members + 18 others)

Ma Kai Also Vice Premier
Liu Yandong Also Vice Premier
Wang Yang Also Vice Premier
Li Yuanchao Also Vice President
Meng Jianzhu Politics and Law Commission (Public Security Tsar)
Zhao Leji Organization Department
Liu Qibao Propaganda Department
Hu Chunhua 6th T Guangdong Party Secretary
Sun Zhengcai 6th Chongqing Party Secretary
Guo Jinlong T Beijing Party Secretary
Li Zhanshu Director, Central Committee General OfficeSun Chunlan Head, United Front Work Department

Central Committee (205 members and 171 Alternate Members)

Liu Yunshan Head of Secretariat.
The Central Committee includes Politburo Members, Ministers, Military & Provincial leaders and some Business leaders. Important Party bodies including United Front, Politics & Law Commission, Discipline Inspection, Propaganda and Organization Departments technically come under Secretariat. On the Secretariat are: Liu Qibao TDu Qinglin TZhao LejiYang Jing TLi Zhanshu (Xi Jinping’s Chief of Staff) and Zhao Hongzhu

Party Congress (2,000+ members)

Meets once every 5 years (most recently in November 2012 when the leadership changed to the 5th generation); Party Congress delegates nominally “elect” the Central Committee and Politburo.

Provincial Party Secretaries

(There are 34 Provinces, autonomous regions & province level municipalities including:)

Wu Yingjie Tibet Autonomous Region
Luo Huining Qinghai
Wang Dongming Sichuan
Wang Sanyun Gansu 
Chen Hao Yunnan
Chen Min’er 6th Guizhou Party Secretary
Chen Quanguo T Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous R

Now, let's very quickly look at Xi Jinping's power base. He actually is uniquely positioned, most of the other leaders' position, they either coast region or inland region, but Xi Jinping reached out to both, and he is a Princeling, represent the so-called Second Generation of Communist Red Nobility, hong'erdai. But also he has strong ties with the so-called Sanshi Qin, and Sanshi is not only his father's -- no, has strong family ties, his father pursued the revolution experience in that region, and was born there. And Xi Jinping himself was a so-called (inaudible) Youth during the Cultural Revolution for seven years, living Sangchi. So a lot of his people promoted actually come from that period, but also he advanced his leadership in the provincial leadership, especially Fujian, and Zhejiang and Shanghai, and many of the protégés now in the fast move for promotion. Xi Jinping as we know also served as two, three years as the Mishu, Personal Assistant to DOD Secretary, that made him -- have some connections with the military; and also many of his Tsinghua classmates also on the fast move. And finally, he has lot of mishus, personal assistants. Now, I summarize, these are the rising stars. And start with Shanxi, Li Zhanshu, Zhao Leji and Li Xi. And then in Beijing his childhood friend, Liu Hu will play a very, very important role on the economic affairs. Chen Xi his classmate -- roommate at the Tsingshua will be promoted. Cai Qi is already promoted as Beijing Mayor, highly likely he will become Beijing Party Secretary. And He Lifeng, Huang Kunming and Song Tao, is currently ranking number two person in the Foreign Ministry -- Foreign Policy establishment, only next to Dong Qisu. 29 CHINA-2017/01/24 ANDERSON COURT REPORTING 706 Duke Street, Suite 100 Alexandria, VA 22314 Phone (703) 519-7180 Fax (703) 519-7190 And turning now, as I mentioned Lijiang, both from (inaudible) years, now they are well positioned; and Ying Yong just recently appointed as Shanghai Mayor. And in Shanghai including Han Zheng, and Ding Xuexiang, and Yang Xiaodu, currently, just recently appointed a person in charge of supervision. These are the rising stars, but even all of them as designated to the Politburo Standing Committee and Politburo and Secretary, they still only occupied 40 to 50 percent of these major bodies. They cannot take all these positions. So, again, Xi Jinping has to share power.

c100 http://smbaworld.com/id202.html

Pei IM 89 co-founder C100; (1917) Architect  born suzhou graduate MIT : East Building of the National Gallery of Art in Washington (1978), the John F. Kennedy Library in Boston (1979), the Grand Louvre in Paris (1989), and Miho Museum in Shiga, Japan (1997). He completed three projects in his native China: the Fragrant Hill Hotel in Beijing (1982), the Bank of China Tower in Hong Kong (1989), and the Suzhou Museum in Suzhou (2006), each designed to graft advanced technology onto the roots of indigenous building and thereby sow the seed of a new, distinctly Chinese form of modern architecture. His latest completed project is the Museum of Islamic Art, Doha (2008).
He has been recognized internationally with the highest honors in architecture, arts and letters, and public service, among them the AIA Gold Medal (1979), the Grande M�daille d�Or of the Acad�mie d�Architecture de France (1982), the Pritzker Architecture Prize (1983), the Japanese Art Association�s Praemium Imperiale (1989), and the Royal Gold Medal for Architecture of the Royal Institute of British Architects (2010). Mr. Pei is a Fellow of the American Institute of Architects and a Corporate Member of the Royal Institute of British Architects, a member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences,

Cheng Li, Director and Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institution�s John L. Thornton China Center. Dr. Li is also a director of the National Committee on US-China Relations. He is the author/editor of numerous books most recently 

Chinese Politics in the Xi Jinping Era: Reassessing Collective Leadership. He co-paneled with Henry Kissinger in the December 2016 briefing on US-China relationships in the Trump era.

Other books include China�s Emerging Middle Class: Beyond Economic Transformation (2010), The Road to Zhongnanhai: High-Level Leadership Groups on the Eve of the 18th Party Congress (2012, in Chinese), China�s Political Development: Chinese and American Perspectives (2014), Chinese Politics in the Xi Jinping Era: Reassessing Collective Leadership (2016), and The Power of Ideas: The Rising Influence of Thinkers and Think Tanks in China (forthcoming). He is the principal editor of the Thornton Center Chinese Thinkers Series published by the Brookings Institution Press. 

Dr. Li has advised a wide range of U.S. government, education, research, business and not-for-profit organizations on work in China. Li grew up in Shanghai during the Cultural Revolution. In 1985, he came to the United States when he later received an M.A. in Asian Studies from the University of California and a Ph.D. in Political Science from Princeton University.

 Tang Henry 89 co-founder c100  membership now includes Computer Associates CEO Charles Wang and renowned AIDS researcher Dr. David Ho  , investment banker-fostering conditions for the advancement of Asians into senior leadership positions in business, politics, academia, medicine, science, and government. Several years ago, President George H.W. Bush appointed him to the Federal Glass Ceiling Commission chaired by then Labor Secretary Lynn Martin. also served as a director of the Committee on Economic Development, the Federation of Protestant Agencies, the Chinese American Planning Council, the Asian Financial Society, and the Chinese American Executive Forum. Wu Frank H  born 1967 elected in April 2016 as Chair of the Committee of 100. He is currently a Distinguished Professor at University of California Hastings College of Law, the highest rank accorded a faculty member. He previously served as Chancellor & Dean Previously at the faculty at Howard University. He served as Dean of Wayne State University Law School in his hometown of Detroit, and he has been a visiting professor at George Washington University, University of Maryland, University of Michigan; an adjunct professor at Columbia University; and a Thomas C. Grey Teaching Fellow at Stanford University. He taught at the Peking University School of Transnational Law in its inaugural year.
He is the author of Yellow: Race in America Beyond Black and White, and co-author of Race, Rights and Reparation: Law and the Japanese American Internment He blogs regularly for Huffington Post, He is dedicated to civic engagement and volunteer service. He was appointed by the federal Department of Education to its National Advisory Committee on Institutional Quality and Integrity (NACIQI), which advises on higher education accreditation, and by the Defense Department to the Military Leadership Diversity Commission. He was a Trustee of Gallaudet University 2000 to 2010.He served on the Board of the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights Education Fund from 2004 to 2010.

Prior to his academic career, he held a clerkship with the late U.S. District Judge Frank J. Battisti in Cleveland and practiced law with the firm of Morrison & Foerster in San Francisco � while there, he devoted a quarter of his time to pro bono work on behalf of indigent clients. He received a B.A. from the Johns Hopkins University and a J.D. from the University of Michigan. He completed the Management Development Program of the Harvard Graduate School of Education. 

Professor Wu was born in the United States in 1967, to immigrants from Taiwan. He is married to Carol L. Izumi. They live in San Francisco.
  Leroy Chiao, NASA Astronaut; 
Ma Yo Yo 89  (1955) Arts (Cellist) education-mentored thousands- cultural entrepreneur- ngo silkroadproject (harvard) and JFK Arts Center; connections one belt one road depends on connecting positive cultures   Guoqing Chen Vice Chairman and CEO, Pacific American Corporation; based in New York

"Guoqing Chen is a major figure in Chinese business and a pioneering figure in China’s emergence in the global economy,"

Chen Guoqing, with his brother, Chen Feng, founded Hainan Airlines, now known as HNA Group in 1993. Developed from a local aviation transportation operator to a conglomerate encompassing core divisions of aviation, holding, tourism, capital, logistics and EcoTech, HNA Group’s business outreach has expanded from Hainan Island around the globe. HNA Group has 12 listed companies with assets valued at over RMB 600 billion, and nearly 200,000 employees worldwide. In July 2016, HNA Group was listed in the Fortune 500, ranking No. 353 with annual revenue of approximately US $29.56 billion.

In addition to serving as a Founder of HNA Group, Chen serves as Vice Chairman and CEO of Pacific American Corporation (PAC), a subsidiary of HNA, based in New York City. He is the Co-Founder and Vice Chairman of the U.S.-China Chamber of Commerce and a Board of Trustees member at China Institute. 

HNA Group has contributed over RMB 1 billion to charitable and not-for-profit causes in the past two decades, including disaster relief in Haiti, Yushu and Quzhou, establishment of scholarships at ten universities, the the establishment of centers for cataract patients in Qinghai, China and Central Africa, the Zhishan Well project serving underdeveloped areas of Hainan, and coastal defense forest construction in Hainan as part of an environmental protection program. 

As a philanthropist himself, Chen has donated over RMB 2.2 million to the construction of Mingxin Colonial Elementary School in Mankang, Tibet, Guoqing Hope Elementary School in Yushu, Qinghai, Xuexiangwan Elementary School in Dazi, Tibet and Middle School Library in Zhanang, Tibet. To help under-privileged youth in urban areas in China, Chen donated over RMB 600,000 to Bainian Vocational School and Dandalion School in Beijing.

David Ho, AIDS researcher and 1996 Time Man of the Year; 


 Tang Oscar L 89 Philanthropist -committed to the transforming role that education and Chinese art and culture can play in enhancing the position of Chinese Americans; serves on the boards of The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The New York Philharmonic, the Vail Valley Foundation, the Gordon Parks Foundation and the Dunhuang Foundation. He is a founding member ; fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. Mr. Tang is a trustee emeritus of Skidmore College and of Phillips Academy Andover, Massachusetts, where he served as President of the Board from 2004-2012. Mr. Tang is a private investor. He is retired from Reich & Tang, an asset management firm which he co-founded and served as President and CEO for over 20 years. In 1987, Reich & Tang L.P. became the first publicly traded investment management limited partnership when it listed on the New York Stock Exchange. In 1993, New England Investment Companies merged into Reich & Tang to form Nvest, L.P. Nvest, L.P. managed over $130 billion of client assets when it was acquired in 2000 by CDC Asset Management, a subsidiary of Caisse des Depots et Consignations.Mr. Tang was educated at Phillips Academy, and then received his Bachelor�s degree in Engineering from Yale University and MBA with distinction from Harvard Business School.

 Kwan Michelle Kwan, figure skating champion -Michelle's activities off the ice have become equally noteworthy. In November 2006, the Secretary of State appointed Michelle as the first U.S. Public Diplomacy Envoy. In this capacity Michelle travels the world and meets with young people to speak about leadership and to engage them in dialogue on social and educational issues. To date, she has visited China, Russia, Argentina, Ukraine, Korea and Singapore. In 2010 President Obama appointed Michelle to the President's Council on Fitness, Sports and Nutrition, the group that advices the President on ways to engage, empower and educate all Americans to lead healthy, active lifestyles.

Liu Lucy. Actress has just completed her 100th episode in the Sherlock Holmes seies Elemenetary A passionate human rights advocate, Lucy produced and narrated the powerful documentary REDLIGHT which focuses on the plight of women and children sold into sexual slavery. The film premiered at The Woodstock Film Festival in 2009 and aired on Showtime in 2010. Liu has been a UNICEF ambassador since 2004 and has traveled to Lesotho, Pakistan, Cote D�Ivoire, The Democratic Republic of Congo, Cairo and Peru.

A native New Yorker, Liu graduated from Stuyvesant High School, attending NYU and later received a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Michigan. 

 Wu Benjamin An internationally recognized technology innovation expert at the intersection of policy and politics,. A former U.S. Deputy Under Secretary of Commerce and U.S. Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Technology Policy, Ben is currently the Maryland Deputy Secretary of Commerce in the Office of the Governor and the Chief Operating Officer of the Maryland Department of Commerce. He is a key member of Governor Larry Hogan�s economic team and his Commerce Cabinet. 

Previously, Ben was nominated by President George W. Bush to serve in the first and second terms of his administration, and was confirmed by the U.S. Senate, to lead activities in support of entrepreneurship and innovation, strengthening U.S. international competitiveness, improving technology transfer, enhancing research and development, and creating greater partnerships between government, industry, and universities. He was the highest ranked Asian American official at the U.S. Department of Commerce in President Bush's administration.

Ben also held senior staff positions in the U.S. Congress for 13 years, where he directed the drafting of a multitude of laws commercializing federal intellectual property, promoting technology transfer and licensing, requiring Y2K readiness, and advancing math and science education, among many others. He has managed and been engaged in election campaigns throughout Maryland.

Ben has extensive experience in the legislative and executive branches of government working with Asia Pacific nations, as well as helping to develop trade and commerce in the region. He is the current Vice Chair and immediate past President of the U.S.-Asia Institute, a non-governmental organization based in Washington, D.C. and established in 1979, that promotes dialogue between the United States and Asian countries. He has led several trade missions and delegations to Greater China
 Wang Charles P 89 Charles Pei Wang is currently President, Chinese American Cultural & Art Association, a New York based non-profit NGO specialized in promoting, bridging two way culture exchange between U.S. and China. Prior to this new venture, Charles served as the Director of the Child Care Center Development Fund at United Neighborhood Houses. In 1994, Mr. Wang was appointed by then Governor Mario Cuomo as an Assistant Commissioner for Downstate Operations with the NY State Department of Social Services. In 1995 he became the First Executive Director of Chinese descent to head up the Greater Blouse, Skirt & Undergarment Association, a 500 member garment trade association in New York City. From 1968 to 1989, Mr. Wang worked at the Chinese American Planning Council (CPC) in New York City�s Chinatown. From 1989 to 1993, Mr. Wang served as President of China Institute in America, and brought back to live this age old culture and art institution found in 1930. As a strong advocate for the right of Asian immigrants, Mr. Wang made possible the first public hearing on New York Asian American Affairs sponsored by the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights in 1974, the publication of Outlook of Asian Americans in New York, by Untied Way-Tri State in 1989. From 1990 to 1995, Mr. Wang was appointed by then President George H.W. Bush as Vice Chairman of U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, a sub-cabinet rank position and the History of Discrimination Against Asian Americans in U.S.A., was published by the Commission, the most comprehensive account of all legislation by the U.S. government against Asians to date. Among many visible accomplishment, the opening of a Social Security Administration office, in Chinatown; the construction of new public housing, hospital, senior housing, public school, new post office, the formation of the Chinese Immigrant service organizations of North America He was appointed by President Jimmy Carter as a member of the President�s Commission on Mental Health/Asian American Panel. In 1980, he was invited to serve on the New York State Crime Prevention Task Force, and the New York State Governor�s Task Force on Health Care Financing. In 1982, he was elected as Secretary on the Board of Directors of the United Way of New York City, in 1989, Chairman of the Chinese Community Relations Council, and on the Board of New York City Partnership, Emblem Health Service and the WNET-Channel 13 Tri-State Community Board. He was Co-Chairman of the Human Service Council of New York, Vice Chairman of the New York City Health System Agency, Secretary of the Private Industry Council and Chairman of the U.S. Bureau of the Census 1990-2000 Asian and Pacific Islanders Advisory Committee, under President Ford and Reagan; Co-Chairman of China AIDS Fund, National Advisory Board to U.S. Department of Labor, under President George W. Bush. To stimulate two way trade between China and Untied States, he was appointed an advisor to Matsuoka America, a garment manufacturer in China, Rilin Construction Group and later, formed Rosen/Wang Global Partners to provide consultation and advise to firms doing business in China and U.S. Mr. Wang received numerous awards, such as Ellis Island Medal of Honor, Charles Wang Day in Manhattan, Distinguished Service Award given by governmental, educational and services organizations  Wa Ya-Qin. Zhang President Baidung William CEO Vizeo.............................................................................................................................................................................................................  
 Young Shirley 89  Shirley Young is President of Shirley Young Associates, LLC, a business advisory company and serves as senior advisor to General Motors, China. From 1988 until December 31, 1999, she served as Corporate Vice President of General Motors Corp. A recognized expert in brand development and consumer motivations, Ms. Young spent her earlier career at Grey Advertising, becoming Executive Vice President,.Shirley Young serves on the Board of Teletech Holding, Inc. and Salesforce.com. She has served as Director of the Bank of America, Bell Atlantic/Verizon Corporation, Dayton-Hudson/Target Corporation, Holiday Inn/Promus/Harrah's, the Bombay Company and as Vice Chairman of the Nominating Committee of the New York Stock Exchange. 
Ms. Young is Governor and ex-Chairman of the Committee of 100, a national Chinese-American leadership resource, and serves as chairman of the US-China Cultural Institute, formerly Committee of 100 Cultural Institute. She serves on the worldwide Board of Directors of The Nature Conservancy and on its Asia-Pacific Council. She is a founding member of the Committee of 200, an international organization of leading businesswomen. Ms. Young was appointed to the President's Commission on Executive Exchange and was a member of the Business Advisory Council for the U.S. State Department Agency for International Development. 

In China, Ms. Young is an honorary professor of Tsinghua University, Beijing; Tongji University, Shanghai; and Huazhong Technology University, Wuhan; and honorary trustee of Jiao Tong University in Shanghai. In the U.S., she is trustee emeritus of Interlochen Center for the Arts and served as a trustee of Wellesley College and on the Board of Directors of the Associates of the Harvard Business School, and Phillips Academy in Andover, Massachusetts, as well as the Detroit Symphony Orchestra, the Detroit Institute of Arts, and Shanghai Symphony Orchestra. 

Ms. Young has received many awards for outstanding efforts in marketing and advertising. She was named Advertising Woman of the Year by the American Advertising Federation and received the Women's Equity Action Award for Achievement in Advertising. Northwood University named her Outstanding Business Leader. Catalyst awarded her the Catalyst Award for Outstanding Corporate Director and the Chinese-American Planning Council named her Woman of the Year. She received a Director's Choice Award from the National Women's Economic Alliance. 

Ms. Young is a graduate of Wellesley College, Phi Beta Kappa, and is a recipient of the Wellesley College Alumna Achievement Award...............................................................................................................................
  Ya-Qin. Zhang President Baidu  
   Steve Cheng co-founder youtube  
   Chen Pehomg ceo Broadvision 1 2  
   Li Ge (010) Dr. Li 1 is the Founder,Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of WuXi AppTec, a leading R&D capability and technology platform company serving the global pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device industries with 11,000 employees and 24 R&D sites and offices worldwide.

An entrepreneurial leader, and a scientist at heart, Dr. Li, named as one of "The 25 Most Influential People in Biopharma in 2015" by FierceBiotech, is working to lead the transformation of biopharma R&D with the conviction that more efficient and cost-effective R&D should be at the core of better medicines for patients.A pioneer in biopharma R&D service industry in China, Dr. Li founded WuXi in December 2000 with four employees, China's first modern chemistry hood, and a single 7,000-square-foot chemistry laboratory. During the past 15 years as its Chairman and CEO, Dr. Li has led WuXi's rapid growth into a global R&D enabling powerhouse with a pioneering open-access platform as the cornerstone. Today, WuXi's platform is enabling thousands of biopharma and medical device R&D programs from over 2000 collaborators worldwide,and has contributed to many partners' successes:clinical milestones, successful IPOs, breakthrough designations, and blockbuster drugs that are profoundly improving patients' lives.Dr. Li's visionary leadership and achievements have won him numerous prestigious awards and honors, including the "2016 OBA Brilliant Achievement Award", "2015 SCRIP Executive of the Year Award", "The 25 Most Influential People in Biopharma in 2015","Forbes 25 Notable Chinese-Americans", "The 60 Most Influential People during 60 Years Pharmaceutical Development in China",and "Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year China Award". WuXi has also received many distinguished recognition, including the "Asian CRO Company of the Year" Award (2015) ,the "North American Open-Access R&D Technology Leadership� Award (2015), "Best Company in an Emerging Market" (2014), "Deloitte Technology Fast 500 Asia Pacific" (2004-2009, 6 consecutive years), and "Fast Company 50 Most Innovative Companies" (2009).

Dr. Li earned his bachelor's degree in Chemistry in 1989 from Peking University and his doctoral degree in Organic Chemistry from Columbia University in 1993. Prior to WuXi, Dr.Li was a founding scientist at Pharmacopeia Inc.,a leading combinatorial chemistry platform company.Dr. Li is a co-author and co-inventor to over 100 scientific publications and issued or pending patents.
   Chen John (1998) 1 was appointed Interim Chief Executive Officer and Executive Chair of BlackBerry�s Board of Directors on November 4, 2013.

John is a distinguished and proven leader in the technology industry. Prior to joining BlackBerry, he served as Chairman and CEO of Sybase Inc., where he developed and led the company�s re-invention from a mature, slower-growth technology company into a $1.5 billion-plus high-growth innovator. Under his direction, Sybase became the leading provider of enterprise mobility and mobile commerce solutions, achieving 55 consecutive quarters of profitability.
John previously held a series of executive positions at Siemens AG, Pyramid Technology Corp., and Burroughs Corp. He started his career as a design engineer with Unisys Corp.

John is actively involved in international relations. He has testified before Congress on U.S.�China trade relations. In 2005, U.S. President George W. Bush appointed him to serve on the President's Export Council. In 2006, he was appointed co-chair of the Secure Borders and Open Doors Advisory Committee. Additionally, John chaired the U.S.-China Policy Advisory Roundtable for the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS).

In recognition of his leadership in building U.S.-Asia relations, John has received awards from the US-Asia Institute, the U.S.-China Policy Foundation, and the California-Asia Business Council. For his corporate board work, he has been honored by the U.S.-Pan Asian American Chamber of Commerce Education Foundation.

John graduated from Brown University magna cum laude with a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering and holds a master's in electrical engineering from California Institute of Technology. John has an honorary professorship from Shanghai University, and honorary doctorates from San Jose State University, City University of Hong Kong, and Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. 

John serves on the board of directors for The Walt Disney Company and Wells Fargo & Co. He is also active in the not-for-profit community, and is also a trustee of Caltech, board member of the National Committee on U.S.-China Relations, member of CFR, national trustee of The First Tee and Governor of the San Francisco Symphony.
  Yang -- Tsao-Yang Linda Ambassador Yang retired from the Asian Corporate Governance Association(ACGA) in November 2014 after serving as Chairman from 2001 to 2014. It is a non-profit, member-supported organization chartered under the laws of Hong Kong to conduct research, education activities, and advocacy to improve corporate governance practices in Asian capital markets. During her 13-year tenure, global membership of ACGA grew to over 100. Among members are major sovereign wealth and public pension funds. Assets under management by ACGA's institutional investor members exceed US$24.0 Trillion.

She served as the U.S. Ambassador and Executive Director to the Board of Directors of The Asian Development Bank from 1993 to 1999. She was the first woman appointed by the United States Government to the board of a multilateral financial institution and the first Executive Director appointed by President Clinton and confirmed by the U.S. Senate.

At her retirement in December 1999, U.S. Treasury awarded her the Distinguished Service Medal of the department. The award citation stated , "She has made a significant contribution to the advancement of U.S. policy objectives at the Bank. She also spearheaded the adoption of important new Bank policies on reduction of poverty, good governance, anti-corruption, disclosure of information, and collaboration with non-governmental organizations, among many others. Ambassador Yang has also been one of the main forces behind the strengthening of the Bank's private sector operations and she has led the effort to put in place a Bank-wide approach to private sector development. Ambassador Yang played a key role in defining the Bank' participation in the international response to the Asian economic crisis, including pushing for early and expanded attention to social impacts and social development. She has provided strong fiduciary and operational oversight of Bank operations and has worked to make the Bank more transparent and accountable."

Ambassador Yang was an independent non-executive director on the board of the Bank of China (Hong Kong) 2003-2010. The Founding Chair of Strategy and Budget Committee of the board, she led the preparation of the first and second 5-year growth and development plans for the bank. In 2008 , Hong Kong Institute of Directors honored her with its Director of the Year Award (Hang Seng Index -Independent Non-Executive Director).

She was the first woman to serve as California's Savings and Loan Commissioner and the first minority appointed to the Board of Administration of the California Public Employees' Retirement System (CalPERS) where she served as Vice President and Vice-Chairman of its Investment Committee .She was an invited panelist on international economy at the Economic Summit hosted by then President-Elect Bill Clinton in December 1992 in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Ambassador Yang is a member of the International Council of the Bretton Woods Committee in Washington DC, the Council on Foreign Relations in New York, and an advisory board member of the Center on Asia Pacific Policy, RAND Corporation in Santa Monica, California. She co-chairs the Chang-Lin Tien Committee of The Asia Foundation in San Francisco. She serves as Co-chair of the Membership Committee of The Committee of 100, a non-profit, national organization of Chinese Americans dedicated to promoting constructive, mutually beneficial relations between the United States and China and full participation of Chinese Americans in all aspects of life in the United States.

She was a delegate to the Democratic National Convention in 1984, 1988, and 1992 and a member of the Fairness Commission of the Democratic National Committee in Washington D.C, A graduate of St. John's University in Shanghai and Columbia Business School in New York, Ambassador Yang was married to the late Professor An Tzu Yang of the University of California in Davis,California. She is the mother of two sons.

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