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x  its unclear that khan academy can scale anything other than maths (khans first teaching passion) - it certainly does khan no good at all to pitch a financial literacy cousre spondored by the bank that did most to break inner america - strange subject to reinvent wheel on give 100 country primary cuuiculum of aftatoun which began as training girls needed in an orphanage and australia/10000 girl.com - a peer to peer network designed to share finacial literacy

the on-denand coursera format can have sinmilar dynamics to covering a subject ion khan acamemy- except it neesd great viral marketing capabiloity to get a scaled audience

the biggest ever live moocs of recent years have wasted the opportunity for coursesra to be kbown as a gamechanging platform- coursera mooc is trapped in 2 beliefs

subjects can have best for world presentations by a single faculty - this breaks every pattern rule The Economoist's1984 book on sustainabilty decisions for net generation

the idea that the nmost innovative missing curriculum of jobs creation need to end in certificate by exam- as muhammad yunus proved thats the very strange way to value productity of millennials

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