Part 1 calling from Rome 7 day challenge Feb 7 to 14

=============================== more challenges coming soon======

POP Preferential Option Poor

.jim kim in Rome .. .dbanj
POP ..
48 hours in Messina 1955. . revoir Youth Economics ?. .
..collab cafe
..reporting 168 years of pro-youth economics.

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Unfortunately Friday's world news headlines  of Pope speaks Sept 24 to US Congress means every monetary PR dog inside the beltway will be chasing catholics in DC- what W4E dont sign up for POP (Preferential Option Poorest) networks in next week will be impossible to regain trust with

U1 Naila can you explain this to abed's family and quadirs and who else in Africa, Asia  U1Y Mostofa please brief Japanese and Chinese delegates to Dubai April's Millennials Asia Summit. 

U1.1 Naila Armen might be interested - Natasa brings Orthodox Russian peace and Israeli police knowhow to defend serbian citizens rights to similar needs across East Europe and she translates  for her Italian husband -social lawyer Antonio  with vatican peace /youth dialogues- next step how to link tat wit Soros Open Society peace wile Gorbachev and Walesa can still mooc their knowhow with youth. Monica Yunus is our linkswoman to preventing Madison Avenue from greenwashing everything but she needs help from Turner Famiy's millennials jouralist now - Ana knows these for Americas

U1.2 How to explain fashion4development and ITU as wings of UN that needs to link in help Romes UN wing (see below)

U2 Luis (Ana) who do you need to explain this to first at IADB, BLUM, Albright team & OAS as well as YABT and TicAmericas (david aaker may be able to map other cultural students out of berkeley)

U3 Maya how does this link with what you want Open Learning Campus to be- Vatican team also want to know which one University in DC gets this with you (Catholic Uni or whom)

U4 Bernardo does Catholic University with the University network Chile has proposed to the pope for linking global social value of social business modellers- please help Natasa and translate this as summary briefing of 48 hour dialogue in Rome with Vatican, Social Lawyers, Rome24 emerging olypmics committee, IFAD, Nobel Peace Summit connectors

U4A - if anyone know how to phone paul framer please say otherwise I suppose that as to be my first task this week

U5 any errors in this mail are mine alone - please help correct them ON MAP below within next 7 days before spin of catholics around DC becomes impossible to POP for Franciscans


Rome & POP MAP   (Pop=Preferential Option for poorest)

Vatican and 18% of world's peoples who are Catholic

POP : Rome &; DC &; LIBAmericas& Peru/Columbia -Liberation theology refers to forms of local or contextual theology that ... The term was coined in 1971 by the Peruvian priest Gustavo Gutiérrez, who wrote  of liberation theology: the first summit was held in Medellín, Colombia, in 1968, Haiti 82-87 First Lab for POPHealth linking Boston, 90s Peru & Soros Russia, 007 Rwanda,  014 Liberia (Ebola Africa) and World Bank


Rome24, Colliseum2.1 & First 7 Wondrous Olympics Capitals & ONE valuing Sustainability Cultural Heroes integrated with Youth Celebrations

Rome & Atlanta and First 25 linked in Youth Social Action Capitals of Nobel Peace Summits

Rome's wing for UN 2015 Sustainability Transformation year is agricultural IFAD - why not connect tat with Irish Catholics Bono and African Catholics Dbanj POP AGRIC launced Ethiopia 2013 and out of Ghana Coco-na Choc and 2014 TEDxWBG

chris macrae usa=1 301 881 1655 

DC epicentre  .... NY Epicentre Collaboration Cafe ...  onceinageneration Europe/Messina/London-Scots Epicentre since1955


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