- the book that started a valuation and media revolution

queries welcome washington dc mobile 240 316 8157 - linked resource -first 45 years of 3 billion jobs research started as entrepreneurial revolution The Economist Norman Macrae 1972 


online library of norman macrae--

my family has been in the maths, hosting and reporting of media and community sustainability for 5 generations - over the last 45 years are main curriculum entrepreneurial revolution was launched by father norman macrae at the economist- every sustainability challenge of youth today has and is being exponentialy timelined around this curriculum

BrandChartering.Com - How to do no evil with brand superpower...

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In the early 1990s, Chris Macrae and associates (World Class Brands Network) proved the innovation methodology of Bran...

-none of my media friends want to live in a world where the largest organisations compound the greatest risks to youths sustainability- unfortunately much 20th c branding became focused on spending more and more communications budgets on making the big system bigger- (notoriously too big to fail in the case of the rotten market of banking or too big not to be certified by in the case of the rotten market lof educatiion whatever the student loan debt, however disconnected silosed disciplinary certificates are from 3 billion sustainability jobs)

and as discussed in the final triple issue of journal  of marketing management i edited in the 20th c -first quarter of 1999 - brands lost touch with purposeful reality - helping employees to be individually passionate and communally proud of serving the brand

here are the 12 original ideas which brand chartering integrates a while company's curiosity and actions around


id system


future do nows


value/quality goals updated

interdisciplinary flows/spaces

brand umbrella extendability

brand architecture

organisation architecture 

stataegy architecture

drama of leadership

thanks chris macrae, norman macrae foundation world class brands washington dc 240 316 8157

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Masterbriefing - 1 of 12 ways to make media more economical ...

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Masterbriefing - 1 of 12 ways to make media more economical for 99% of peoplesPosted by chris macrae on October 16, 2013 at 4:50am View Discussions...
whether you brand is a massive network of partners or links  in many internal expertises synchronised actions can make a brand with 10 times less communications budget win out - put another way excessive advertising budgets are signals of an organisation that isnt synchronied and therefore is extremely expensive (risky overtime) to partner - this erodes purpose, goodwill, emotional intelligence needed in any service market etc
apparatently macraes get up to other sorts of masterbriefing -which do you see as adding some ideas to brand chartering's masterbriefing
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Master briefing: Develop towards sustainability | A Very ...

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2016年11月1日 - A Very Beautiful Place Envisioning living in peace and sustainabilityTuesday, November 1, 2016 Master briefing: Develop towards sustainabil...

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...Channel 4 Director Callum Macrae faces a media briefing in...

Update : Video: Channel 4 Director Callum Macrae faces a media briefing in Colombo 77 Shares 9,322 Views Director of Channel 4 Callum McRae who is in...

FIH – Template Master Briefing for Tournament Chaperones. - ...

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@ The Economist 1972, Norman Macrae started curriculum of Entrepreneurial Revolution to search for net generation’s 3 billion new jobs.

Billion renewing planet

Billion networking microfranchises and education solutions so every community exciting to innovate and grow out of starting with eg poorest villages industrial revolution had not even reached with electricity grids

Billion through mobilisng coding’s transformation so small enterprises could trade freely and transparency empowered peoples and goodwill mediated the greatest sustainability goals humanity had ever mapped



 Following a decade of searching Bangladesh, 2017 starts out  World Record Job Creators tenth 5 year search in China around Jack Ma and Xi Jinping. China is unique in the world – with over a billion people – the elder half have produced unprecedented progress but have no social safety net other than their younger half’s livelihoods. And this at a time where every sustainability goals has dramatic consequences to the regions future. China’s knows it needs worldwide collaborations with sustainable youth and vice versa.


China’s Greatest Job Creators<>Jobs-education content greatest scaling networks<>History’s teachers who love children most<>Storytellers greatest mediator’s of impossible is now humanly possible<>The world’s biggest investors scaling the tipping points of the wprld of extracting things to workd of naturally growing peoples


Help us linkin WRJC to English Speaking open societies and spaces through all G20 cultures with particular celebrations among Franciscans 2018 G20 and friends in India 2019 G20.


Join us in the greatest time to job co-create with blockchain and Industrial Revolution 4 world possible coders mobilising networks valuing:  small enterprises free trade, adolescent health emerging as the greatest learner centred movement   and over 30 national leaders already committed to celebrating the greatest #LearningGeneration. wash dc text 240 316 8157 –ps 2018 is also the 175th year that James Wilson started mediating end poverty economics out of St James and the 270th since Adam Smith progressed that moral sentiments gravitate humanity’s sustainability goals.  As Keynes may have said never wait to futurise history – lets get to #2030now by helping youth do #2019now #2018now

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