some cgtn searches - new era TERMINOLOGY ; belt road; innovations; 

some maps


2020 - be moderately proserous, ie no extreme poverty

2050 - be successful social nation with chiense characteristics valued/benchmarked the world over


belt and road (up to 11 regional collaborations in win-win trades of 21st C0 - infrastructuire and new development banking; cultural exchnages at every new border junction

tech for livelihhods leadership - social sharing apps eb bicycyles, smart monet eg alipay, smart ecoomerce inclusive small enterprsies, connectivity of digital and real infrastructuire- future of tacgh acdameies eg damo, future of active communities eg 21st c olympics spirit in every community

go green


80 million public servants cp19

responsibilities of being: continuous growth economy - for over decade 30% of global growth from china; having surplus; leading benchmark network of mny of the 17 goals

train smarters 700 million diddle calss consumer world has ever seen

ensure every vilage is twined with a region - processes taoba, new towns for youth to study near vilages; vilage tirism; distribute microfrachoises and big data small so vilage agriculture maximised in sustaining families

global2.0 21st c can be best fo times for all youth; hina friendship and cultural networks; joyful media; 

xi jinping nw trusted by more leaders than any other person

urgent tyaks:

go green

take chnage to education seriously otherwise half of youth unemplouable

velebrate peace everywhere - note bodred policies arfe taken very seriously by china but this involved resolving different order of conflicts than the west typically encounters

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some maps

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