Dlab's bridge to boston networks and 2015 year of millennials transformation

Dear Ana/Luis/Isabella/Naila cc friends of millennials most transformative year
Apart from the Jim Kim /Paul Farmer inspired partner in health networks , what I love best out of boston is dlab- below the end of year review shows some student project connections with your region's americas millennials celebrations with heads of state converging panama april 2015 -including apparently 10 mit students to peru and el salvador next month
Nueva oportunidad para jvenes colombianos: Eco-Reto Colombia El Premio de Emprendimiento Cultural de las Amricas
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2014's dlab summit was keynoted by two people who share knowledge about scaling billion-customer models 
  • - nancy the deepest biographer of off-grid solar solutions 20 year learning curve started around yunus and neville williams (he was jimmy carters apostle of solar) and 
  • paul polak whose models shame top down multinationals- eg how do you expect to reach bottom billion with tv ads if they dont have electricity. 
  • Sadly CK Prahalad didnt live to see mooc (global poverty curriculum) age of bottom billion knowhow sharing -gary or paul would likely know where ck's alumni are most socially actively networking. Danone the origin of yunus global social business partnering was represented at dlab by Jean Christophe. I know that danone has scaled a bottom up milk partnership out of columbia which banks for small milk producers- it probably has more local impact than fortified yogurt in bangladesh- though of course the story of grameen-danone is priceless eg helps danones reputation in entering china. Back in 2005 what was the global social business brainstorming launch at hec was facilitated by faivre-tavignot. Her first work experience after graduating from HEC was in Chile


Bénédicte Faivre-Tavignot | Air Liquide Foundation ... 

View Bénédicte Faivre-Tavignot's business profile as Board Member at Air ... after having spent one year working for a humanitarian organization in Chile
She was probably the first French connection with Dr Yunus and her coursera opposite cuuriculum to an SMBA starts in 2 months
In 6 week HEC launches the leading europen viewpoint of global poverty curriculum at this MOOC 
If you thought that we should be trying to connect dlab more closely with your americas millennials networks www.yabt.netr www.ticamericas.org  there are probably 2 ways forward
either naila and I can make you a shortlist of people at MIT to phone round or otherwise contact
I could go to boston and see the dlab summit organisers and try and see where in their year round mit calendar most links with yours as well as mention collaborative ideas like who at dlab/mit wants to appear at our first joint tedx 
One more question, amongst the linking team of yabt is there a millennial most passionate about community health. I need to know who that is so I can try and link them directly with every community health network I pop in and out of. This includes the yokoi's in tokyo - hiro is at tokyo university global leadership program on health. Their foundation inspired by their father's work at Toyota is closely connected with Abdul Latif- owner of the main middle east franchise of toyota which has become dlab/mit's edgiest sponsor in global poverty milennials  solutions
chris macrae
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Consider making
this holiday season!
International Development Innovation Network
D-Lab Alumni

New Publication from D-Lab Scale-Ups

D-Lab Scale-Ups' brand new User Research Framework provides in-depth guidance on how to create a qualitative research plan and approach cross-cultural interviews, observation, and immersion activities as well as D-Lab's co-design method. Download here!

D-Lab In the News

D-Lab Scale-Ups fellow Danielle Zurovcik and Dr. Gita Mody monitor the Wound-Pump on a patient at University Central Hospital of Kigali during their phase one clinical trial in Rwanda.

Yough grad could make worldwide health impact Scale-Ups Fellow
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, Nov 26, 2014

D-Lab offers hands on lessons in meeting energy needs
Energy Futures, Fall 2014

Engineering Students Design “Happy Feet,” 3D Printed Shoes for Keny... IDIN
3dprinter.com,  Nov 19, 2014

D-Lab Scale-Ups fellows to tackle irrigation in India and grain sto...
MIT News, Nov 18, 2014

Ten global organizations join MIT D-Lab's Practical Impact Alliance
MIT News, Nov 12, 2014

MIT D-Lab 2015 Spring Courses


D-Lab: Design
Instructor: Amy Smith

D-Lab: Dissemination WASH
Instructor: Susan Murcott

D-Lab: Earth
Instructors: Eric Reynolds & Ariel Phillips

D-Lab: Education
Instructors: Heather Beem, Pedro Reynolds-Cuellar, Jessica Artiles

D-Lab: Energy
Instructors: Libby Hsu & Amit Gandhi

D-Lab: Reflection and Action
Instructors: Amy Smith, Libby Hsu, & Laura Budzyna

Prosthetics for the Developing World
Instructor: Bryan Ranger

Upcoming International Development Design Summits


IDDS Zero Waste
Jun 14- Jun 29, 2015
Cali, Colombia
IDDS Aarogyam
Jul 6- Aug 1, 2015
Chennai, India
Aug 3- Aug 14, 2015
D’Kar, Botswana

New Staff at D-Lab

Richard Brewer
Administrative Officer
Richard joined D-Lab to lead the administrative functions of D-Lab, including financial operations and human resources. He brings to his new position over two decades of experience at MIT. An avid cyclist and world traveler, Richard received an MBA from Babson College and is a Cambridge native. Read more about Richard.

Great New Video: Engineering Trash into Treasure

From the MIT+K12 Video "Science Out Loud" series
"Folks at MIT's D-Lab are turning trash into treasure - specifically, trash to heat homes and cook in developing countries. It's not magic - it's engineering!"

Watch video!

A season of reflection and appreciation

The end of a year always sets the mood for reflecting back on what we have accomplished as well as looking forward to what we hope to achieve. In this issue of the D-Lab Digest you can read about some of our recent events and programs and get a peek at what is coming up in the spring semester. I also find this season to be a time for appreciation of friends and family and want to acknowledge the hard work and support from the people who make D-Lab so specialthe people working here at MIT, our partners around the world, and friends who support us in so many ways. Thank you and best wishes to you during this holiday season!
             - Amy Smith, Founder and Co-Director

D-Lab Academics

D-Lab offers hands-on lessons in meeting energy needs 

In the D-Lab: Energy course, offered in the spring semester since 2010, students design and build prototypes of alternative energy technologies for the developing world. During spring break 2014, students from this course traveled to Brazil and El Salvador to investigate the real-world conditions their innovations were designed to address. Read the MIT Energy Initiative's Energy Futures story here.

Preview: January 2015 student fieldwork

Each January, during MIT's Independent Activities Period, D-Lab sends students into the field to work with community partners. This January, D-Lab will send 30 students in six teams to Botswana, El Salvador, Ghana, Peru, Tanzania, and Uganda. Read more about the student projects!

International Development Innovation Network (IDIN)

IDIN announces 2014 microgrant winners!

This fall, IDIN awarded 11 microgrants to IDIN network members to support innovative and scalable technologies and ventures that address basic social and environmental needs. Microgrants will support projects including an efficient bee pollen dryer developed by David Saleh in Colombia (pictured above), a mobile irrigation system prototypes from Agriworks in Uganda, and a stand-alone water quality measurement and dispensing unit in development in Pakistan. Read about all 11 projects!

Rethink Relief 2014

Rethink Relief 2014, which took place from November 9-20, brought together 33 participants from 16 countries in Pader, Uganda, to identify challenges and develop solutions that bridge the gap between short-term humanitarian relief and long-term sustainable development. Rethink Relief, an annual design summit, is supported in part by IDIN, headquartered at D-Lab. Read full story.

D-Lab Research

Improving Livelihoods in Morocco: Solar Lantern Field Evaluation

In partnership with the NGO Targa-Aide and the microfinance institution Al Amana, D-Lab Scale-Ups conducted an evaluation of solar lighting products for generally low-income rural households—both offgrid and on-grid—in Taounate, Morocco and mobile street vendors in Kenitra, Morocco. The study results provided information to help identify the most suitable solar lighting products for these populations and insights into the most effective and sustainable strategies for distribution and sales. Read the four-page D-Brief.

Improving Livelihoods in Morocco: Needs Assessment of Small-Scale Cattle Farmers 

D-Lab carried out an in-depth study to characterize and assess the small-scale dairy and beef production system in Morocco. The D-Lab Scale-Ups team selected and interviewed small-scale farmers in the Tifelt region about their cropping and livestock management practices.The findings suggest that production of rain-fed cereal crop silage would decrease cattle feed costs and increase revenues for these small-scale cattle farmers as well as improve cattle nutrition and milk production. Read the four-page D-Brief.

D-Lab Scale-Ups

Ten global organizations join MIT D-Lab's Practical Impact Alliance

D-Lab Scale-Ups' newest initiative, the Practical Impact Alliance (PIA), has announced its founding members. They include multinational corporations Ajinomoto, Danone, Greif, Johnson & Johnson, and Unilever; nongovernmental organizations the Grameen Foundation, the Melton Foundation, and World Vision International; and social enterprises Community Enterprise Solutions and Greenlight Planet. Read MIT News story.

New D-Lab Scale-Ups Fellow Carl Jensen

Having grown up on a farm and with a Master of Sciences degree in International Agricultural Development, Carl Jensen is an entrepreneur with deep roots in agriculture. He and Zasaka co-founder Sunday Silulngwe met at the International Development Design Summit in Zambia in 2013. Zasaka builds farmer-led value chains to introduce life-altering technologies and services to subsistence farmers. Their first technology and service package virtually eliminates absolute and qualitative loss in postharvest storage. Read more about Carl and Zasaka.

D-Lab Alumni

D-Lab Alumna Sydney Beasley

Sydney Beasley graduated from MIT in 2014 having taken D-Lab: DevelopmentDesign for Scale, and D-Lab: Cycle Ventures, was an intern for the Comprehensive Initiative on Technology Evaluation, and served as D-Lab's tour guide. Sydney says, "D-Lab played an important role in shaping my undergraduate experience as well as my professional goals. It introduced me to the role that technology can play in international development and the integrated approach that needs to be taken in deploying these technologies."  Read Sydney's blog.
Header Images (l-r): Farmers and grain storage bags, Zambia (courtesy Zasaka); children in Qantara, Morocco with solar lanterns; participants at Rethink Relief 2014, Uganda.

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by the way you all know of good news africa orbit 0 out of paris by alumni of ibrahim foundation AFRICA24 - La première chaine mondiale d'information sur l'Afrique. ?

AFRICA24 - La première chaine mondiale d'information ...
Africa24 - La première chaîne mondiale d'information pour l'Afrique
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orbit1 between boston and mirabelais and west africa and soros tech of open society


Ideas | Global Health Delivery Online: Improving health care delive...


orbit 2 blessed value chains favorite school network


what would 5000 ethiopians coffee farmers  families choose first on their elearning tablet?

TEDxWBG is it the same as what dbanj/bono and apple would choose first for 5000 cocoa farmers of ghana as investing in agricultural families is 11 times most efficient in ending poverty according to the addis ababa convention

The challenge of ending poverty is huge, but with courage, ingenuity, vision and purpose, the goal is within reach. In a tightly choreographed 3.5 hours, T...
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bono dbanj addis - Google Search
Search Options Any time Past hour Past 24 hours Past week Past month Past year All results Verbatim About 143,000 results D'banj presents Bono with over 2 million signatures – Olori Supergal
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is it the same as 5000 kenya coop farmers of tea would choose

does meskela know any other coop leaders whose families may want 5000 yazmi tablets

are there any other 5000 farmers families that intel or ITU president from Mali or upcoming from China can linkin? I think Samara knows both people very well -does he not?

is there any other blessed value chain where we/you usadbc can contact a scaled coop leader to see if they want to specify the 5000 farmers families jobs creating curricula

us africa diaspora business council
Advancing US-African Diaspora Business Development and US-Africa Trade
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how far can we advance this knowhow and partner search before noah meets sir fazle abed and asks what farmers families education curricula he knows about- and whether these linkin with the adolescent girls across africa jobs curricula that brac is main connector of

brac.tv - a guide to collaboration's best for the world ...
BRAC International Last updated 23 November, 2011 UMCOR BRAC Haiti Partnership for: Shelter Project in BRAC Haiti. Project duration is May 2011 - ...
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tebabu please clarify whether that is an estimated 25000 orders for samara - but potentially of chip and satellite transponder - ?



orbit 3 do we agree this is small beer compared with linking in community health training and related womens empowerment training from rwanda, west to the ebola regions, back through senegal another jim kim friendly led country - over to kenya a nanocredit country; also naila apart from kenya which african countries has nanocredit spread too? and indeed living up to final paragraph of un's commitement to close if 2015 isnt the most transformational year since its foundation -something ted turners family and cnn can cover out of atlanta nov 2015

Youth Creative Lab - Youth Capitalism Road to Atlanta wo...
Several Nobel Laureates pulled out of the Summit after cancellation of Dalai Lama's trip to SA.(REUTERS) TAGS: Cape Town Cape Chamber of Commerce 14...
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does samara agree that his bteam should be like an open consultancy mediated by usadbc? are maryland legislature happy to write up first crowdinvest law to but tablets as well as but cafes

anything else -eg who is the first person to speak yazmi to young africa society- does noah have  slot or else who

chris macrae facebook microeconomics washington dc region 301 881 1655


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