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ECONOMICS NUMBER 1 CAUSE OF GROWTH: Over last 200 years places have compounded inter-generational growth for and by all the people when pro-youth education opportunities have been celebrated out of every community.

MYeducation is valued by 99% of youth when it leads to jobs with a future and doesn't trap students in debt; maximises students social business and action learning networking in whatever is a particular youth's last 3 years of education instead of ending in exams

  • "MY" Cases inspired by Muhammad Yunus and grassroots mothers/community networks such as 16 million Bangladeshi's
  • Other lowest cost cases leading to practical jobs
  • Cases inspired by Khan Academy, MIT or the segment of MOOCs (massive Open Online Collaborations) aiming to make education order of magnitude more valuable to youth
  • Cases inspired by other education Entrepreneurial Revolutionaries spotte out of The Economist and by friends of Norman macrae since 1972 including S Africa's free university; financial literacy primary curriculum begun in orphanage; New Zealand and China's learningweb.net; Gandhi Montessori Cross-Cultural school Lucknow

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1 Jim Kim - in his interview with professor roth, kim explained his post 2015 agenda of #2030now-pivotal to this is trusting investment in millennials as most educated, connected , socially collaborative our race has see. In the case of his practice field health millennials this is certainly the case due to his work, paul farmers and now the need for this to be so if africans are ever to wholly put ebola behind them http:pih.org http://www.tedxwbg.com/ http://unacknowledgedgiant.com 
2 fortunately the pan africa/asia satellite first launched by an ethiopian to use radio to broadcast infro to minimise hiv was turned last year into the elearning satelite www.yazmi.com
3 Of my favorite projects from my family's 10 interviews with muhammad yunus, his call for nearly free nursing colleges excited me most- now this unites all of the greatest bangladeshi microbanking networks and all of farmers kims work http://socialbusiness.tv 
4 Boston remains centre stage of so many open education freedoms as well as epicentre of berners lee (founder of the www)
5 If there is one person with a bigger vision for what the internet could empower for humanity it is probably china's jack ma who started as an educator before being the largest ipo ali baba- lets hope his foundation takes open education to next level
6 One of the deepest supporters of the san francisco revolution that is khan academy is google; down in south africa google support of the free universuity for entrepreneurs first 15 years has led to 2 huge surprises: missing jobs-creating curriculum from 3rd grade up of coding and empowerment, of financial literacy and entrepreneur literacy; and that most teenagers would prefer to be in apprenticeship instead of school- here google offers to develop any small businesses web presence if it will upgrade its capacity to host apprenticeships
7 In all the excitement about what digital education can empower- dont forget need to help teachers, parents and communities change - here we are lucky that the gandhi montessoris system continues on in bangladesh through 40000 village schools of BRAC and in india through city montessori lucknow
8 Our first book back in 1984 dreaming what realities the net generation could linkin with open education was picked on 30 years ago by the new zealnder at http://thelearningweb.net- along the way the book of his experimental reforms was rea dby 10 million chinese families
9 Three best things I never forget about the east are the bangladeshi revolution, the chinese expatriate ability to change tradiing cities in 20 years out of all recognition , and japan's quality , peace and agricultural revolutions in the 1960s- without japan's sharing of rice knowledge the region would have had far more famine; without its quality system chips would never have been reliable enough to get on their moores law of productivity
10 for me the pope's knowledge of public service is a curriculum every millennials could demand- see how he has exposed the EU as acting like a infertile haggard grandmother concerned with her own comfort however much it costs youth- look at the revolutions across tee americas now the continent with the most structured youth entrepreneur competitions and always on training -see the youth and head of states race to panama april 2015
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