Here is pair of ideas i would like your feedback on
Idea of"fast forward forthnight" try to do intensive collaboration research/interviews over a fortnight- by the end 
of the fortnight have an action briefing that several hubbed or linkedin people share
and agree a monthly newsletter format- send in any news of next actions on
subject by end of month to secretariat of the fast forward and a joint newsletter will be returned to all correspondents
Hopefully fast forward  fortnights 2015-2106 would blend with the sort of scaling dynamics needed if millennial world awareness is to grow in linking in such dubai collaborations as youth 6000 and university of 15000 disadvantaged (with eg active knowhow transfer from blecher, branson, maharishi, google) etc
here are 4 main questions (you may have more to add)
a What/how is a hackathon
b Examples of how hackathons became jobs movements or continuous action learning alumni webs (origin of moocs which came from west coast world of community of practice and a friend of mine howard rheingold - see also reclaim our l;earning
c Map of main hackathon hubs and lead contact linkedins
d List of hackathons free university or dubai 6000 networks would like to prioritise starting with discussion in internet city of yazmi and iospaces proposed hackathon of school in a tablet
here are some notes on what i see in hackathons but we need some expert interviews eg can amy interview leslie and maybe brett -he has an audio-youtube business and suggests that phuket island can be a realaxing space to hack from- additionally i think bransons version of blecher is almost a continuing hub of hackathons - not sure if i can find video of one of its alumni
a hackathon connects technology and other young change wizards as well as watching investors or regional jobs developers 
usually over an intense period eg 48 hours -which aims to viralise positive energies and connections using all hi-tech/mobile forms of communications eg youtubes and co-working formats shared docs or joint development of apps
typically with at least 50 people in one lead hub which has also scheduled for at least 150 people to connect from other hubs or linkin because they are known to be passionate about the subject
the lead hubs also finds change sponsors and indeed one of them may have promised to sustain the agenda through other leadership networks (ie not just hubbed youth)
example : when leslie heard that a lot of cameroon diaspora had approached yazmi with wanting to be the channel of school in a tablet he said why not a hackathon- he and co-founder rebecca who has oracle consultancy training franchise in africa are also both from cameroon (leslie's previous job was elearning toolkits in cameroon) and also they own the dc-based hub (5 minutes walk from yazmi) aimed at connecting all africa diaspora hub- so this can be perfect timing to ask eg what dubai internet city hubs want to join in and also start mapping is there a south africa lead hub taddy trusts (or indeed it it maharishi alumni as a metahub), is there a china hub, are there west coats hub
a hackathon aims to end its 48 hours with teams committed to particular next actions, some sort of timetable on when progress will have been made and what is the next stage- another hackathon, a launch, a continuing alumni practice community 
sometimes a hackathon innovates a new ecosystem criss-crossing existing ecosystems that the world most collaborative hubs depend on either through having a local mass eg boston or an expertise that is world leading (therefore natural to host a vocational on-demand mooc around)- hopefully a report from the fisrt school in a tablet hackathon would be something that andrew ng and jack ma and richard branson and taddy blecher teams would enjoy receiving and questioning
b i think that examples include various aspects of open source medical and quite a lot of continuing networks across ihubs such as makers movements including how to use 3d printing  and crowdfundiong but i would like leslie to give some examples and perhaps suggest someone in ihub kenya to interview and it would be useful if mostofa could ask taddy whom to interview- i know that taddy like me finds some segments of hubs not at at all helpful (eg policy hubs not led by an open technolguists tend to siloise not linkin -unfortunately mostofa and i have a history almosit from its founding with jonathan robinson's that has now built 50 silos in different capitals around the world -in fact i had loaned robinson hoping colaboartion out of london dhaka, south africa , DC and kenya and got the exact opposite)
c i think a map of hubs most interested in hackathons matches other criteria i prefer for a hub ie owned by someone who sustains the hub (locally and in finding regional partners) because they have a profitable open source business - eg kenya ihub is led bu those whose revenue comes from the open source software and apps of uishahidi
d- something the three of us need to brainstorm when we meet

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