asks who's greatest end hunger economist of them all? Yunus. JWilson, who?

welcome to -Its almost impossible to be passionate about food and not to be able to see possibilities of job creating social businesses

as Keynes said - economists design and compound futures - so which is the greatest end hunger economist of all time? or tell us if you have another goal, which economist has empowered people to race towards it? Foundation Norman Macrae, The Economist's Pro-Youth Economist


Below stories of why we vote Muhammad Yunus and James Wilson - world's all time top 2 end-hunger economists - tell us if you agree or disagree - coming soon a green postcard millions of youth can send to each other to celebrate local nutrition everywhere


.The Famous story: Yunus had returned to Chittagong Bangladesh from his Fulbright scholarship in Tenesee. It was 1972 and the new nation was barely a year old.. Teaching grand economics at Chit University made no sense to Yunus as soon a million-killer famine struck bangaldesh. So he took his students out to the vilages to see how they could end hunger one villager at a time. Then they found they could save 42 villager's livelihoods by lending them a total of 27 diolars that freed them from loan sharks. By 2013 Grameen bank was lending 8 million village mothers funds to run their own busienses, coordinate 60-person village markets where they also share life-critical knowhow the more so when mobile phone came to the villages in 1996 (from which time yunus became as much an open technologist for the poor as their banker) linking in over 100000 hubs of 60 village mothers - the most extraordinary female social network ever linked together


If ending hunger was Yunus first economic goal, it has been designed into many innovations by grameen bank including around 1980 its first not financial service - carrot seeds delivered personally every week by ever bank manager to help mothers end night blindness of village children and in 2005 the first global social business partnership - grameen-danone nutritionally fortified yogurt. The first 1000 days of infant's nutrition determine not only health for life but qualities such as brain size.


more on yunus food microfranchises here

..James Wilson was a Scottish Small Businessman. He greaw up about 100 years after the international banking scam that had bankrupted Scotland forcing a takeover from London. By this time members of parliament were behaving a tad worse than members of US congress in 2013 as far as compounding hunger (with eg corn laws designed around the richest 1% and worsening famines like those causes Ireland's potato-failed harvest)...So James went down to London to become an MP determined to sack over half of all MPs. His weapon for doing this was a media start-up called The Economist -founded to challenge the industrial revolution's biggest decision-makers to mediate an end to hunger and an end to capital abuse of youth


Queen Victoria asked James to start spreading economic maps to help her end slavemaking empire and transform into epicenter of commonwealth. This wasn't such a good thing for James who died 9 months into queen Victoria assigning him to Calcutta of diarrhea - needing oral rehydration a cure that Grameen and BRAC as the world's greatest pro-youth banks also networked from their first day of linking together what is now the 15 million womens network most empowered to innovate life saving solution the mobile age- see eg the Grameen Free Nursing College goal of ending nurseless villages

40 years on from taking one class of Chittagong students out of the university and into the village to develop social labs, yunus is inviting 25000 American youth who most want to innovate or replicate community solutions to Atlanta in 2015 - the culmination of 5 years of social  business entrepreneur competitions hosted state by state - in which guess what? Food security solutions have been students number 1 compass!

.yunus planet breaking news:

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If a developing country can design systems to end hunger out of every community/village then the chances are its well on the way to ending poverty and helping youth collaborate around all of humanity's most heroic goals for the 3rd and borderless millennium. There is no place on earth ahead of bangladesh with more bottom-up crop science and relevant knowledge for designing food value chains that include the poorest

This knowhow inside in Bangladesh is best codified at and associated webs that our sister ning helps to catalogue


However as so often the remarkable Dr Yunus is at the edge of some of the world's most extraordinary partnerships. Tell us which you love most of his food social business networks. Here are some where change is happening fastest


Yunus together with Brazilian company is helping Haiti become self-sufficient with eggs and poultry. This big goal is contextualized by fact that Haiti as of 2013 buys a million eggs a week from Dominican Republic. However designing value chain of egg production around the poorest is something bangladesh has 3 decades of - Go Haiti-Yunus_Brazil Go!


Japan's biggest agricultural partnership with Yunus involves investing in 10000 farmers to cultivate a type of (Mung) bean that can both be good for feeding Bangladesh and which the Japanese regard as premium delicacy that they are prepared to import


The network of global social business food partnerships begun by Grameen and DANONE with nutritional yogurt for Bangladesh I village infants has multiplied in many directions:

a parallel danone project is helping Chinese infants

a social business fund led out of DANONE Communities now links in about 10 projects around the planet and provides the leading benchmark for marketing a public SB investment fund with help from many French partners including grameen credit agricole  from 2013 much of the massive youth summits have been transferred in Paris from Danone by itself to all the partners of convergences2015


The US CEO (John Mackey) who does the most in line with Dr Yunus pro-youth food economics is whole foods . As well serving nutrition to upscale Americans, Whopleplanetfoundation develops agricultural microcredit investments in communities around the where WholeFoods has a long-term produce relationship; WholeKidsFoundation is mobilizing change around school lunches across USA; conscious capitalism invites citizens to form chapters to animate the most urgently valuable questions in the world such as what purpose does this market need to serve if it is to sustain youth everywhere.


Food security and organic agriculture projects are the number 1 compass of students in Yunus competoitions across the 250+ projects pitched to date. Thus means that forming a mentor and patient capital network is most needed in this practice area/

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