IS 5 Billion Peoples Elearning Satellite BIGGEST EVER GAMECHANGER OF HEALTH MILLENNIALS? Happy 2015
The most fun 15 years of my working life was an old fashioned marketer for the world's biggest branded companies of the pre-digital era- I had been trained by the first database builders at MIT that when you heard of a new product you debated lots of connecting concepts until enough win-win stakeholders came together to sustain how to change the world with it. Our 1984 book on sustainable futures of the net generation built out of a decade of debates on the breakthrough of digital learning ,made entrepreneurial revolution the most popular topic among global views leaders attracted by The Economist ref 1 2
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Who's Free Edu Who
Yazmi could be the best news in 44 years of celebrating every way that elearning media can be the opposite of mass tv  Breaking news from 43rd year of ne…
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Virtual community of partners in health to debate whether Yazmi is millennials biggest gamechanger
Join us in rehearsing the sorts of ideas below (however crazy they may make me seem) or if people see ways to join in please do Equally I collaboratively delighted in post millennials goals year of 2015 if anyone will introduce alternatives they propose as millennials biggest gamechanger 

The Story So Far  - a fragile concept
Poster announcing partners in health virtual debate-competition  -how can we leverage technology to radically increase patient engagement in care
My draft entry for millennials to turn dream to reality

E-Learning Satellite Technology 

The idea is to use the existing technology of Yazmi (, an e-learning satellite-to-tablet content delivery system to share content that explores different topics including top 10 demonstrations of the power of community health care. Other topics include nursing, nutrition, clean energy, mobile life saving applications, cross disciplinary topics on ending poverty and infectious diseases. This technology could also provide a jobs-led curriculum for girls and women. This has been a significant goal of our work in the 
world record game of job creation at:
The results could be debriefed to Ted Turner at the 2015 Nobel Peace Prize summit to be held in Atlanta in November 2015.
Co-organisers comments. first q&a -conversation between marie and chris on whether above is sufficient context to start discussion
Dear Chris,
Wonderful I will share this idea outline, and we will continue ideation in the community—I think you are quite right that there are opportunities for scaling up the work that has been done in Mirabelais and Rwanda. Hopefully others in the community will able to be share insight and suggestions.
Very best,
Marie Connelly

On Wed, Dec 17, 2014 at 5:58 PM, christopher macrae > wrote:
Dear Marie
Yes that is the skeleton of the idea
Several groups would need to come together to see if this could happen.
Probably the one extra context reference would be the 60 minutes pih audio briefing of paul farmer and jim kim last tuesday week. I dont know if the recording of that is yet at a bookmark
That audio mentions the need for community healthcare training to be quickly accessible across much of the africa continent. People would have to decide whether an elearning satellite would be a useful channel contributing to such a process.  
Back in June 2013 I had a 10 minute chat with Paul Farmer at a conference in Budapest. At that time Mirabelais had quite recently opened. I believe he said that over time what became practice training at Mirabelais would be shared through open learning modes. I am not aware of time lines. Equally I assume that Rwanda is another relevant epicentre of emerging community healthcare knowhow
There seem to be pieces that might come together. I guess only a discussion can see whether its nearly possible
sincerely chris macrae
Who could take which concept to next level
Nailacould you update sir fazle's wife  in way mostofa can check whether sir fazle abed   wants me to meet him for 30 minutes to update on our june debate of yazmi and distribution of yazmi brochure at fashion4development. If you feel able to say some african leaders may start discussing in january whether it can eg help with global financial inclusion that would make any conversation i can have more relevant. Also if  you can trail the story on your coming west coast weekend please do
Tebabu- if you could brief Noah Samara and Tadesse Makela please do. Noah could help immediately if he accepted young africa society at world bank invitation just to debate what dream of pan african/asia elearning satellite could do. He  (with Naila) could also chat to the retiring and incoming African/Chinese heads of ITU to see if this is a concept debate women and youth networks would like ITU to help animate. You (with grameen intel and ifad) can also raise issue whether to make agriculture sexy ethiopian farmers are first to massively invite food for security small producers to develop their childrens jobs-educating curricula- and whether its appropriate for a diaspora association to celebrate such convergences
The challenge of ending poverty is huge, but with courage, ingenuity, vision and purpose, the goal is within reach. In a tightly choreographed 3.5 hours, T...
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When you study jim kim and paul farmers life's work, the gift of health millennials leading global social value of health was created out of the field labs of Haiti and Peru with the knowhow of Boston . So americas millennials ought to be the first ted style stage to have people like sir fazle abed and paul farmer debating how can community healthcare training be linked in everywhere -whether or not that region has a helpful   global satellite it already has the best linked in millennials entrepreneurs


When you study ted turners and george soros life work, millennials could honor that by linking in rome and atlanta as two of the first twin capitals demonstrating that co-hosting jobs summits is more valuable than hosting the olympics. In spite of London 's olympics opening promoting nursing as humanity's greatest profession, the bbc failed to prolong the story. Whats Brazil going to open the olympics with to prolong sustainability's story


The specific idea that end ebola ought to be the first learning app that yazmi helps distribute is something I'd like to see evolve organically (or at least by boston-based networks) in the debate. If it doesnt appear we can discuss how to kickstart that
5 Favorite things to know about Kim and Farmer -if you have a different favorite please tell us 
5 Farmes started commuting health networks between haiti and boston over 30 years ago; kim joined him from 1988;  after earthquake destroyed haiti's main hospital friends rebuilt new hospital Mirabelais around Farmer (now the greatest global health for the poor teaching hospital anywhere)
4 Until his 5 year term at world bank started summer 2012, Kim said his greatest moment was being discovered by George Soros. Other top 5 discoveries of Soros include funding mobile phones around yunus in 1996, and being BRAC's and PIH's first investor in West Africa. Soros 20th celebrations of open society network co-founded by Gorbachev were staged out of Budapest with Paul Framer and Sir Fazle Abed. (Gorbachev is co-founder with clun of rome of Nobel Peace Laureate Summit whose 2015 millennials edition comes to Atlanta Nov 2015 mainly mediated by Ted Turner family and Yunus , with health care linked in by eg CDC and Emory)
3 At the first world bank tedx, kim explained his mother tutored him in Luther King's maxim of live your life for eternity, while his father a Korean dentist emphasised do practical stuff. For a decade Kim mainly ran Farmer's network out of Boston, but then he went off to fight multi-drug resistant tb in peru. Thus Peru became PIH's 2nd field lab, (Later Rwanda its main African lab) In the process Kim discovered that the MDR TB outbreak in Peru had accidentally been created by the WHO's standard instructions not being context specific enough (Same has been true of preventing ebola)
2 Everywhere they act Kim and Farmer become lead practitioners in infectious diseases. So it is that African and world leaders cant afford not to listen to them if ebola is never to strike again the way it has this year
1 When #2030now Kim says millennials can be most educated, connected, collaborative human race has ever seen- he and farmer have demonstrated how to socially move that with health millennials, He befriends pop start and gets Harvard's Porter to help rewrite global social value chain of health. Who now will do likewise on other sustainability critical issues such as womens empowerment, global financial inclusion, open education  or clean energy networking
Sources world bank tedx above; lancet 2013 paper on global health's social valuation; 2003 Farmer biography Mountains beyond mountains; the seminal 2013 book Reimagining Global Health-an introduction by Farmer, Kim and about 12 other Partner in Health operational leaders in countries or critical disease communities  PIH now operates out of;. 60 minute audio debriefing on West Africa Ebola by Kim and Framer 9 December 2014 soon to be published by 2013 dialogue between Kim and Pope Francis,
The GG Book of World Record Job Creators
#2030now... Kim et all paper of transforming value chain of global health,Lancet 2013 Map World Record Job Creators ... jim kim linkin top 40 better for t...
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