pih jobs 13000 in 2012 up to 16000 in 2014 annual report

community health workers (7000+ 2012 and increasing)

other (6000 2012 and increasing)

associate jobs - pih partners in end ebola are especially interesting wherever they were already a locality's last mile health metwork

we wish to help connect community helth traimning capacity everywhere - hence this open email to paul farmer

Dear Paul 

We chatted for 20 minutes before your talk at central european university summer 2013 at 20th Open Society celebrations- I was the one whose Keynsian father at The Economist was mad enough to think that economics purpose is to design systems that end poverty by improving livelihoods of next generation out of every community

I mentioned father and I had first seen elearning experiments in 1972 and I had been tracking this ever since in an amateur way as a likely key to sustainability of millennial generation. You were talking about the opening of La Mirabelais as one huge step forward for open education in community health. I have also been briefing sir fazle abed on how open elearning platforms could be reaching a collaborative tipping point

I am writing about some possibly gamechanging news . An ethiopian neighbour of mine in washington dc has got an elearning satellite YAZMI up and running- it reaches 5 billion people across asia and africa with common frequency. I believe its unique capability can be sharing grassroots learning practices. For example, the wife of deputy PM Rachel Ruto in Kenya is testing out how it can help accelerate her womens community banking . Our main adviser on womens empowerment content is another neighbour of mine since 2012:  Naila Chowdhury Women4Empowerment who spent the first 17 years with Yunus as Grameen Phone's first female director. 

We wish to help youth join in the movement:   to turn aid to accompaniment and my guess is an elearning satellite can help only if it links in barefoot educators- master practitioners first . I had an encouraging first meeting in Rome 10 days ago discussing this viewpoint and asking whether a ring of catholic university around the world could celebrate POP (Preferential Option Poorest) - I have to confess I cribbed intensely from your POP dialogue with Gutierrez "In Company of the Poor"

Would it be practical to meet you somewhere to demonstrate Yazmi. I would be happy to travel pretty well anywhere. 

sincerely, and thanks for inspiring everyone worth learning from

chris macrae usa mobile 240 316 8157  bethesda MD

chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk   Norman Macrae Foundation www.valuetrue.com 

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information from mali health

one of 7 countries developing pih community health workers (work as trained local residents to provide basic health education and medical care)

Mali Health will join six other organizations around the world that are implementing the PIH model of free care for the poor. Through information sharing and collaboration we will work in tandem to expand access to health services across the globe. Most importantly, we will continue to fuel the growing movement to assert health as a human right– a right that by definition each and every human being deserves.

training note september 2014 http://www.malihealth.org/turning-strong-partnerships-stronger-heal...

Extract from https://nerdfighteria.info/video/221/l_YHs423xGA

We have about 13,000 employees worldwide, and the vast majority of them - more than 99% - are local people that we've hired and trained, from within the communities that we've served. So it's incredibly important to us to stand in solidarity with these communities.

Meryl: You know, for example, our work in Haiti - we're not just an organization working in Haiti. We are at heart a Haitian organization. We have more than 5,000 employees there. And when the earthquake struck, the reason that we were able to respond so quickly and fully is because the people that we were responding to were the family and friends and colleagues and the community of our employees there. So people wanted to help, and we were very glad to be able to do that.

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