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POP SHOP we can tell you where best to shop for POP of health (PIH), of community ministry (Rome, Peru ..) , of mobile womens technology - where can you map us to

Year 44 of Entrepreneurial Revolution (origin Norman Macrae, The Economist) sample monthly pro-youth economics  newsletters

Millennials Sustainability World Tour includes

Mostofa who normally searches out end poverty solutions from Dhaka in Bangladesh is currently in Dubai advising on how to connect future of sustainable millennials

Bernardo has been championing Preferential Option Poor curricula across Catholic Universities from his home of Chile to Rome to everywhere POP millennials can link in

I am determined to see open learning channels reach a tipping point this year - in washington dc we have the 5 billion elearning satellite and the world bank open learning campus to try and celebrate

we are also doing a lot with leaders of - eg ten days ago rachel ruto kenya's second lady asked for open research on water community solutions; our friends who represent development networks from Toyota in Japan are making us quite optimistic as is taddy blecher's advances for job creating curricula out of south africa and 

then there is Paul Farmer and Jim Kim - see our research on world record job creators at

Dont You Just Love Economics or Knowing How Futures are being desig...Have you noticed when powerful people disagree about something, they ban it from schools and from public media. Whats insidious is over time schools become places where you can only learn about things which elders say have perfectly correct answers, then your life becomes certified according to whether you recite decontextaulaised perfections parrot fashion-

thats the exact opposite mindset than innovation that advances the human lot., exactly the opposite to the millennials curriculum vitae of entrepreneurial revolution started in The Economist in 1972 after an end poverty Keynsian had observed early student experiments with digital learning networks- the biggest revolution ever dwarfing what industrial revolution freed or chained

Sometimes this may be temporarily wise. But to ban how the future is compounded from schooling millennials is not just tragic, after 40 years of dismally ruling over this the sustainability of our species is approaching at a tipping point


we are looking for people (hi-trust parents and community grounded others) who will help empower youth surveys and collaborative debriefings- 30 years ago new zealand started the first school experiments in this freedom at - the idea was picked up by 10 million chinese families; next ethiopians are wondering whether 5 billion people might want to discuss such open education challenges at - health is the issue that will make or break 2015 -can you help linkin those who are helping millennials make it in time

UNLIMITED - The new learning revolution and the seven keys to unlock it

"UNLIMITED - The New Learning Revolution"

here are 6 practice economies were we can already see this millennials freedom battle emerging around do you love your cildren enoug to let them linkin with economics (future design)

  • health 
  • banking for livelihoods and microfranchising value chains
  • security of food, water, energy chains
  • leapfrog models when open tech youth and womens communal empowerment are core to partnerships
  • education that changes all of above instead of being the block to all of the above
  • makers movements especially where community engineering/infrastructure can now be mapped local up
2015 known events diary of millennials change world
jan 2015 kenya, bangladesh and maybe rwanda
jan 2015 rome and whole year of youth and yazmi capital celebrations not just atlanta
feb 2015 close down geneva as control centre on helath or satellites depending in where toure familoy make their base and where soros, jim kim and chinese ifc leader have relocated practice netwoirks of end ebola (haiti and where)
april 2015 panama  - and micro tredx somewhere ideally with paul farmer and sir fazle abed!
addis ababa may 2015 - what the flip is going in at the elarning summit - it claims to be hosted by Ethiopia's ministry of communicatuons and technolgy but has completed vanished yazmi as main sponsor eLearning Africa 2015 / International Conference on ICT for Develop...

Nairobi's Innovation Hub


Blog on investment banks planes farms risk trade travel tech Ushahidi & other East African tales.

Location agnostic. Tech, Africa, Beyond. MIT Media Lab Director's Fellow. Ushahidi, iHub, BRCK. Aspiring yogi, tea farmer. Views - mine


We help people wield information to make a serious impact through free, open source technologies, cross-sector partnerships, and ground-breaking…


Mama of 3 girls who will run the world, MD  Africa, ex-Google Policy Manager Africa, co-founder Ushahidi & Mzalendo, Time 100,…


The most relevant news, insight, & opportunities that accelerate entrepreneurial approaches and innovative solutions to the world's…


Welcome to the official Twitter page of His Holiness Pope Francis

The official World Bank Twitter feed. The World Bank's mission is to fight poverty with passion and professionalism for lasting results.


W4E is a Non Profit Organization. We provide a platform for Girls, Women & Youth empowering them to bring social change & positively impact their own…


Nobel laureate. Op-Ed columnist,. Author, “The Return of Depression Economics,” “The Great Unraveling,” “The Age of Diminished…


Dedicated to , Nobel laureate in economics & “champion of the poor in the corridors of power.” Facebook: …

in search of education systems -and continuing The Economist's 40 year search of 100 leaders of netgen as youth's most productive time

The Open Society Foundations work to build vibrant and tolerant democracies whose governments are accountable to their citizens.


The Official Twitter Page of George Soros, Chairman of Soros Fund Management LLC and founder of the Open Society Foundations.


Inspiring the economics profession to engage the vital social and economic challenges of the 21st century.

@globalgrameen FOLLOWS YOU

ning globalgrameen : Began searching sustainability's biggest questions with my 9 year old 3 years ago


Sing for Hope transforms lives throughout New York City by making the arts accessible to all.   (Header photo by Allan Zepeda)

Constructed by Entrepreneurial Revolution networks by alumni of The Economist's pro-youth economist since 1972 -  paraphrasing conclusion of Keynes General Theory- economists are responsible for what futures people's lives are spent on -so 64 trillion dollar question is whose money hiring economists?

2 freedoms 7 billion people need to be free to mediate if 21st C is to be most social not least social -

.. ...


What would be most exciting action-networking postcards million of youth could send each other and how would education MOOCYunus and MOOCYouth?




Curriculum of Billion People Green Energy Economies



Case TheGrameenBank -world's favourite bank : 2 core design ideas and recently its own journal


pursuant of schumpeters idea of empowering families in 2 million global villages to maxisise their productivity- design 1 builds on the power of 60


60 families own their centre - a hub for microbabking, knowledge sharing, animating a community market


60 by 60 = 3600 families are served by their own banking branch - in the original model these 60 centres were near enough for one small banking team to serve them by visits at least once a week to each centre; the team helped diffuse action learning


when mobile connectivity came to the vilage it was possible to map economies of 60*60*60 =216000 framilies; example 1 these might be connected by where was the best price or the most urgenet need for foods across a geographical contiguous area; or which first 216000 families shared knowledge on being solar empowered


as of 2011, this banking model hasnt quite got to 12.96 million families - its at just over 8 million families but with nearly 5 members per family that's over 30 million people in a network with the same 16 decision sustainability culture of investing in their next generation - an empowered new economy determined to identify the net generation's most exciting gaols and design productive lives round serving them


there is also the possibility that mobiles can bring the transactional cost of banking record down by 10 - that would lead to ideas like one end poverty world bank owned by and for over a billion people all of whom are also interconnecetd by microentrepreneurial telecentres owned at the village levels 


the journal writes up the other main model : social business - at any particular time the 100 institiutes helpong most to empower young people's job creation with the smba are celebrated on the journal's back cover and special artefacts - eg the matching folder of the journal used as a summit giveaway


we are also playing with some emerging links


sustainability world's 50 most exciting projects of 2010s - we are interviewing various constituencies:


50 leaders investing most partnership resources

regional clusers starting with france and japan


it may be that the top 50 projects cluster (scale up around the net generation's 10 times more productive age of knowhow sharing and abundant economics) into meta-directions






tele-e-a-billion including youth portal a billion (models include danonecommunities; singforhope; youthandyunus; chaning schools curriclum to be sustainable and job celebrating)

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