quarterbilliongirls.com 17 sustainability peer to peer curricula

End poverty

2 Zero hunger

3 Good health & wellbeing

4 Quality education

5 Gender equality

6 Clean water and sanitation

7 Affordable land and clean energy

8 Decent work and economic growth

9 Industry innovation and infrastructore

10 Reduced inequalities

11 Sustainable cities and communities

12 Responsible consumption and production

13 Climate actuon

14 Life below water

15 Life on land

16 Peace and justice- strong institutions

17 Partnerships for the goals


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curriculum of tao and taobao 

alumni of KIM 

curriculum of tao - can you help amy's editorial peers? 

1--billions of jobs of curriculum of 17 sustainability goals 


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1 End poverty with peer to peer education connected to every goal and livelihood of sustainability girls - their families and communities

note on which education summits see education as linked to every sustainability goal

-china-wise summit yes fully understood

-brrooking unesco annual debrief of gial 4 - understood but analytical capability is not connecetd to other greatest #learninggeneration networks

-greatest learning genetaion network - aka education summit - understood by one segment of the 30 national leaders linked in by jack ma but not in the top action projects prioristised foir second year of education scommission - unlikely to be until education commission and brac fuylly partrnner each other at every level

other uae summits - ??

-financial inclusion 2017 updates

year 12? mpesa and kenya girls hubs

year 46 bangaldesh bkash (cashless apart from last mile banking) and brac intl girls clubs -togetrher with ntation wide financial system deisgned to end girls poverty (including ultra poor micrfiace plus brac bank brac partnerships with microinvestment banking, brac advisiopr netwprk to global associa of banks with values

year 15? alibaba alipay and ecommerce for girls networks

relationship of conditional cash transfer when there is a universal identity or mobile

relationship of blockchains


bacically every nation has one choice- will its forst didgila finacial shystem be owned in trust to end girls poverty or will it be mediated by big banking and other vesterd inyterests of the big get bigger



issue financial lietracy needs to be a peer to peer curriculum at every grade - adults at 5p0th grade are sometimes more digitally illiterate than 5th graders

some execellent curricula - eg aflatoun originated at primary level by and for orphans havent been fully updated round new technolgy actions

some of the wprld most massive open source learning content produecrs have neen sponsored on finavcial literacy models by big bankers

when you go into world bank start of 2016 meeting and have question on blockchain's relationship to india's million person uiversal idjentoty referree to panelist from mastercard -one really wonders what the flip is hapening?

2 Zero hunger

3 good health

4 quality education

more details on what is probably first great education summit of 2017 below dubai march - of course delighted to hear of other networks worth .linking in - the summits platform awards one teacher a million dollars- 50 nominees are linked below


last year mostofa said he met 10 people at this conference doing heroic things including the billionnaire who hosts the summit


i still wonder how we can improve connections




1 other great summits -WISE usually noember main youth contact yuzuan

2 brookings scaling summit usually april -absent of anyone else i am best contact for dc brookongs


3 gordon brown and 30 national leaders education commission (including ma and kim) have not clarified where to meet them in 2017 yet


4 beijing's 21st C learning hasnt clarifued if its becoming annual yet


5 the british council used to be a leader of education summits - friends or i need to get back inside their organisers to find out whats happening


we absolutely need to work out which g20 networks apart from ma's are sustained by educators
the historic disadvantage of elearning africa being run by germans who are only there to make money could be morphed into a g20 germany opportunity
i am sure there must be a great education summit in india somewhere but havent discovered it yet
the proposal to celebrate sir fazle abeds life work and other compatible with student networks of microcredit as microeducationsummit has so far been missed
the annual reporting process by unesco of goal 4 education is a 10 million dollar wasted opportunity
welcome news on where else learning as epicentral to jobs economy is emerging openly for youthy to trust- obvious;ly whomever understand blockchaion best as it impacts education will ultimately be youths best chance to sustain the world
of course the other way to look at this is which profession want to use open elearning to reduce coats of becoming practitioner by up to 90-% = welcome news on that - under 30s women are far the best investigatotrs of this especially peer to peer formats and roles of hubs
the world banjk produces an annual repoprt on a different subject -2018 sees the foirst ever  world development report on education

Dear Friends,

As we reach the end of the year, I am delighted to share some of our 2016 highlights with you.
In March, we held another successful Global Education & Skills Forum in Dubai, with more delegates than ever and an increased presence of educational professionals, ministers and Heads of State. We are now looking forward to an even bigger and better ‘Davos of Education’ for 2017, please do register your interest below.
At the Forum, we were proud to announce Hanan Al Hroub as our Global Teacher Prize winner. She has been an incredible Ambassador for the profession and has, since her win, met His Holiness the Pope at the Vatican, spoken at events including the UN General Assembly, Harvard University, Cambridge University, opened trading at the London Stock Exchange and met Nobel Peace Prize Laureates. It has been truly humbling to see a teacher being given such a big platform to speak to the generations of tomorrow.

I am so proud that our innovative teacher training programmes in Ghana and Uganda have continued to successfully impact learning outcomes and reach more marginalised students. I am also delighted to introduce our school leadership programme in Argentina which we have designed in consultation with the Argentinian Ministry of Education.
In December, we announced the Top 50 Finalists for the Global Teacher Prize 2017, and we share their stories below.  

Our team has gone through some changes this year as we said goodbye to old friends and welcomed new ones – we are excited to be embarking on a new journey together in 2017.

On behalf of everyone at the Varkey Foundation, I wish you a happy and prosperous New Year. 

With best regards,

Vikas Pota
Chief Executive


Hanan Al Hroub

Hanan has travelled around the world including to Chile where she helped launch the Chilean Teacher Prize, the Vatican where she met Pope Francis, to New York where she spoke at the UN and also to Harvard School of Education in Boston. At the end of November, we were delighted to welcome Hanan to London as she opened trading on the London Stock Exchange, spoke at a roundtable on education for Syrian refugees, was honoured as one of Porter Magazine’s 100 Most Incredible Women, and also spoke at Cambridge University.  
Watch Hanan at the Stock Exchange

Registrations now open

The 2017 Global Education & Skills Forum is taking place on the 18th & 19th March 2017 at Atlantis The Palm, Dubai, UAE. This year the question that we are asking is: “How do we make ‘real’ global citizens?” Education systems should focus on proven examples and scale those that work so that we can answer this question resoundingly. To do this, political, business and civil society leaders as well as artists, academics and educators will come together to discuss and debate how we implement truly global conscious thinking amongst young people all over the world and best equip them to solve the challenges of the 21st century.

If you have any questions, email info@educationandskillsforum.org

Register Now


Academy Member Jordan Shapiro wrote an article in October for Forbes on UNESCO’s statistic that "countries must recruit 68.8 million teachers" over the next 14 years to be able to provide every child with primary and secondary education, and how to ensure that the quality of education doesn’t suffer due to the need. He also talks about our Train for Tomorrow project which will train 5000 teachers using solar powered computer hardware.


School Leadership in Argentina

Our new teacher training programme in Argentina, The Programa de Liderazgo Educativo (PLE) has been designed by us, in consultation with the Argentinian Ministry of Education. This is as an intensive six week programme for serving, and aspiring, school leaders who are supported by their provincial ministry of education. The Programme consists of six modules, each module being delivered over five days in a dedicated training centre staffed by local experts who have been trained by Programme’s national staff. We look forward to reporting back on our progress there.

continuing quality education correpondence from varkey foundation


Our Programmes

We’d like to share some of the other wonderful work going on with our programmes in Ghana and Uganda. We have supported over 27,000 primary school teachers in Africa to transform the way they teach, using state-of-the art teacher training materials.

Earlier in May we were delighted to announce that, in Uganda, our Instructional Leadership Programme saw us reaching well over 1 million children following the most recent teacher training cohort, The initial programme - a five-day residential course - has since spawned three additional interventions, all of which have received the support of the local Ministry of Education and other important stakeholders. Collaboration with UNESCO has made an innovative contribution in supporting the Ministry of Education’s teacher training programme by placing our content online. 
In Ghana, MGCubed has been proven by an independent evaluator to have had a significant impact on learning outcomes, while innovations such as science lessons broadcast from our studios in Accra and collaboration with a refugee camp to provide lessons to children forms part of the expanding work of the country office.
• We reach close to 1.2 million boys and girls in Ghana and Uganda

• 6000 marginalised girls benefit from the delivery of in-school Maths and English lessons in rural Ghana, led by our expert Master Teachers and broadcast live via satellite to 144 classrooms in rural Ghana

• In 90% of cases, primary school teachers who have benefitted from our Train for Tomorrow programme in Ghana have changed their teaching style, according to internal research.

(Please note that these numbers are the result of internal research)


Top 50 Finalists

We are delighted to announce our Top 50 Finalists for the 2017 Global Teacher Prize. This year we received over 20,000 applications and nominations from over 170 countries which has been a fantastic response for this third year of the Prize. Please do have a look at the profiles of these extraordinary teachers.


We Need Education
to Go Viral!

Our innovative Train for Tomorrow programme in Ghana has been covered by The Next Web, one of the world’s leading tech websites. It’s so promising to see our work garnering attention not only in the international development field but also in the new technology press.


Teacher Blogs 

We have a great mix of topics from our Global Teacher Prize teachers including ‘The Importance of Drama School’ and ‘Why is Early Childhood Education so important’. Mareike Hachemer writes about the Importance of Drama and how it allows you [to] learn about yourself, others and other realities... Noorjahan Sultan’s Fostering Language Holistically Through Rhymes is about how her aim to not only make students academically successful but also morally ready to face the modern and competitive society.



Hanan and the team visit Cambridge University
Hanan opens trading at the London Stock Exchange
CEO Vikas Pota meets the team at Katsuiku Education Foundation as they prepare to launch the Japanese Teacher Prize.
Varkey Foundation Trustees, David Clifford and Karen Giles visited our team in Ghana.


We are delighted to announce that our Chairman, Mr Sunny Varkey, has been appointed as a member of Harvard University’s prestigious Global Advisory Council.

Mr Varkey said “It is my privilege to be part of a prestigious institution that is made up of some the most eminent and prominent figures in the world. I am deeply honoured to be associated with Harvard University as I share their vision of education becoming the most powerful tool to a brighter future.”

You can read the full article from The Khaleej Times here

Goodbye & Hello!  

We said Goodbye to Marc Boxser, Chief Operating Officer, and Adam Still, Director of Programmes who left us after 4 and 2 years respectively at the Varkey Foundation.

They were both integral to the success of the Foundation, we thank them for their immense contribution and wish them the best of luck in all their future endeavours.

Desmond Bermingham Pictured Above

We welcomed Desmond Bermingham as our new Director of Programmes, Emma Broadbent as Impact Manager, Nisha Vora as HR Manager and Irini Pantelidou as Team Manager and we wish them every success in their roles as we continue to expand the Foundation.
Copyright © 2016 Varkey Foundation, All rights reserved.
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health 8 years lof obama community broadband multibillion dollar experiments did not share much with youth and educators - a potentially wonderful exception is telehealth out of arkansas- when we asked transition debate brookings with federal communications - we were told other space to look at is new york state 

Get involved in the connected health conversation! 
1 & 1/2 Days | 15+ Speakers | Multiple Topics | Poster Presentations | Networking Events   
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Why the need for research in health care technology?
Evaluation is a critical component in any telemedicine program, but often ignored because users are not sure what to measure or how to measure. 

Join Dr. Elizabeth Krupinski at #SEARCH2017 as she discusses: 
  • Key metrics that are easily acquired and analyzed
  • 3-step protocol for acquiring outcomes data that can be used to assess 
    the efficacy and efficiency of your telehealth program
*Additional Resource*
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15 Key Steps to Create a Successful Telehealth Proposal
April 4-5, 2017 | Lansdowne Resort | Leesburg, Virginia 
Don't miss this opportunity to network with telemedicine experts and researchers! 

This 1 & 1/2 day event sets out to advance evidence-based research, which proves the benefit of connected health systems.

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Watch for more #SEARCH2017 updates!

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