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Franciscans (living with the poor) Diary

18% of world and majorities in Americas,Italy, Spain, France, Phillipines, Uganda and 

S2015 US congress

J2015 Cuba

2014 Parliaments of European Union

2014 end ebola dialogue

2014 friend Ukraine dialogue


2013 Franciscans and banker for the poor Dr yunus

Franciscans and millennials world banker Jim Kim


refs for UN in Rome


UN leader Ban-Ki Moon calls for 2015 to be greatest change year ever- valuing sustainability goals celebrated with millennials (eg the half fo the world who are under 29)


Agriculture is the UN's practitioners for the poor network out of Rome  "IFAD"


The Turner CNN family have donated billion dollars so that UN partnerships with sustainable youth and women are celebrated.


Which wings of UN are easiest for youth to partner-


women and fashion for development (NY and Bangladesh)"F4D" next summit of first ladies of fashion and mobile end poverty september NY


Open technology and the "ITU"  (Geneva, and 2010-2015 Africa (mali head of itu), 2015-2020 China head)



Atlanta November 2015: Friends of millennials UN , Turner, and Yunus families will lead the  review of which UN wings have leading social actions  with Nobel Peace laureate families (eg Yunus, KIng, Mandela, Carter, Walesa/Gorbachev, Nobel Women, ...) and over 10000 students and teachers, while the UN holds its own review on helping millennial end poverty NY september and climate sustainabilty Paris December

refs for World Summits of Nobel Peace Laureates and Open Society (Gorbachev/Soros) in Rome (including history of greatest cultural change for humanity -anthropologists and Rome)


 nobelforpeacesummits via aurelia 104, @ border of vaticanand rome; being Nobel

Green Rome


Club of Rome and Nobel Peace laureates


Club of Rome and Agriculture


Club of Rome and youth cultures of living with the poor





outside of rome, the benchmark franciscan value networks of millennials is with health - led out of haiti, peru, boston, rwanda, with russian prisons and gorbachev, budapest and open society soros- breaking 2014 west africa -tis networks 2 other main collaboration partners are bangaldesh and james grant (unicef children and global health) curriculum and medicines sans frontiers- in 2014 depending ow you value partnerships the 3 largest ngos in the world linked in health:


medecins sans frontieres a nobel peace laureate organisation

partners in health, since 2012 a  youth world bank partnering organisation


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