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Pro-youth education Hall of fame RIP - Kalam  -resource how to question the economist before sustainability is lost






















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20 dubai may be hottest place for millennials to determine what satellite learning curricula are needed to co-produce sustainability goals because of:

2016 huge youth summit - ask member mostofa with support on language empowerment and chinese millennials networking from member amy

2016's launch of university for 15000 underprivileged

internet city - one of the world few meathubs where any hackathon can quicky be staged and linked into worldwide youth networks

asia's marvellous development in the age of spending 4000 times more on communications technologies has been built on superports with dubai learning from what went before at eg tokyo, hong , taiwan , and singapore-

its weekly world trade centre summits connect future of industries form around the world; its airline emirates and airport is second to none as an affordable customer experience- and its a nation where leaders are ready to invest in youth job creation of tomorrow with a governance structure committed to this 

dubai is one of the most active alumni spaces of the elarning satellite

if you want to stay in touch - oir help create the good news of dubai colaboirations in top 20 curricula please emain subject 20/20

SharkTankWeb- Breaking Happy Xmas 2015 Newsls co-markets over 30 years ago, pro-youth and end poverty economists andjournalists for humanity -  we advanced idea that sustainability of mass milennials would depend on partnership between public broadcasters and a web designed to make youth's sustainability projects number 1 page on the internet

its not happened yet, but whether you are a us watcher of sharktank or one of 15 countries watching  dragons den- what project would you like to see fail to get a bite from a shark so that the world of youth can crowdfund it now

some projects we are looking for to start us off



peer to peer psychiatry

youth led summer tours of where millennials can co-create jobs with ecah other

...  rsvp 

top 20 youth capitals of open space in 2016 - along with beijing and rome, brooklyn and kerala, where would you suggest open space millennials movements can most joyfully linkin sustainability goals
university of stars - shortcut

why oh why wasnt there a worldwide council of pro-youth educators led by Kalam while he cheereed citizens and children across wholeplanet

Former India President  Kalam died Jul 2015 rsvp to nominate hall of famers

some say this was his last message

Deducations to : KALAM always made time for childrens questions valuing them as india's future; startupbrooklyn and the EEL of MEC where stars of sharktank web are born


near start of millennium 3 he authored lead 2020 movement asking that all non sustainable curricula be torn up

he was one of india's great scientist and secular because ...London Guardian

Son of Jainulabdeen and Ashiamma, Kalam was born in the small temple town of Rameswaram on the southern coast. His father, who owned a boat, had no academic qualifications but was deeply interested in religion; a Muslim himself, he used to hold regular meetings in his house with a Christian and a Hindu priest. Kalam said it was from their discussions that he learned what he called “true secularism”.

He went to a Catholic school, St Joseph’s college, in another southern temple town, Tiruchirappalli, formerly Trichinopoly. He studied physics there, but was not an outstanding student. After leaving the Madras Institute of Technology in 1960, he joined the Defence Research and Development Organisation, and his subsequent scientific career was spent in government research organisations. In most of these, scientists are hampered by bureaucratic procedures and political interference. Kalam developed the skill of protecting his scientists without falling out of favour.

He held a series of prestigious posts, including project director for India’s first indigenous satellite launch vehicle, and chief of the integrated guided missile development programme. From 1992 until 1999 he was chief scientific adviser to the prime minister and the defence minister. In 1998 he was the chief project co-ordinator for India’s second nuclear test. The year before that he was awarded the Bharat Ratna, India’s highest civilian honour.

In 2002 there was a disagreement between the two biggest political parties, the rightwing Hindu Bharatiya Janata party, or BJP, which was in power, and the Nehru-Gandhi family’s Congress party, over the choice of politician to be elected president. The then BJP prime minister, Atal Bihari Vajpayee, broke the logjam by offering the presidency to Kalam

help us maps which hubs around the world value open learning as critical to future jobs anbd sustainability of millennisl

dubai internet city makes a great space to update this search from -our next leaders quest guided tour is mid sept 2015 queries

ihubs across afriica remain our benechmark of hubs by and for youth and wizard mobile apps designed to improve users skills

our favorite west coast hubs are anchored aroing500 women startups out of mountain view

we are trying to track down connection with china hub in jasm ma's home town

please tell us your nominations

in association with authirs of The Good Hubs Guide since 2006


tools used by pro-youyt hubs include


youth entrepreneur competitions with continous patient capital and mentoring structore

celebrations of open source and apps that multiply social value way above the zero sum models of trades limited to consuming up things

Alliance4Empowerment | Sustainable Economic and Social Empowerment

how can we replicate parts of this next year in dubai or elsewhere

which youth or sponsors do we need and how does this vary by cultures or prioritisation of sustainability goals

if an elearning satellite like yazmi is to have any value on global empowerment what is the 2 minute youtube style video that should already be accessible \anywhere yazmi beams

we have versions of this challenge everywhere - so eg while this starts on south west of usa we need dc partners for something similar; and is there a way to find silicon valley partners too for a third usa event

if the next head of the UN is female there is great chance that this curriculum will become a favorite un academic partnering agendas; if the next head of the un is another man, what is plan b?

ma-lee-ng -channel 8 sponsored by world record book of jobs creation and ...

where did the web start and where does it free most youth entrepreneurs and world record job creation today?

history suggests www started 1989 as englishman berner-lee bootlegged a job he was doing in geneva - but he soon made boston mit his home -help uis lof detailed tours of boston famous universities and entrepreneur ecosystem at

by 1995 the railroads between san francisco and mountain view also known as silicon valley ------------- silicon.ppt, 290 K  ------ was already the epicentre of www possibilities-

when jack ma visited this region - he advertised his english translation service back in china on a web page - had 3 business leads within 24 hours and has never stopped multiplying  chinese web sme opportunities since - things that were separately called yahoo, ebay and paypal he linked together to make chinas most vibrant virtual trading web for ordinary people- 

20 years on stanfird remains ma favorite famous university tout- its when students of the 00s dreamed up google, and courseras and then moved 10 minutes down the railraod to mountainview- making this the most exciting destination for chinese and american technolgy millennials to hub through

consider Anfrew NG - the case of chinese co-founder of coursera "moocs" born out of stanford moved to mountain view as cousrera and now andrew ng heads baifu usa out of mountain view

where will you hub through your youths future jobs , china and silicon valley- and which famous university or startup tours would you like to join our next leaders quest to?

join in mapping where your region and alunisat got liftoff along the borderless communications timeline 2030 versus 1946


channel 5 co-sponsored by - how do we link global awareness and interaction with millennials gfeatest sustainability heroes with as much simplicity as superstars sprts men or fashion women

welcome to 31st year of The Economist dialogue- what if reality tv shows like the apprentice or shark tank had been hosted by people like jim kim, pope francis, sir fazle abed

question from year 24    .... what ever happened to yunus 2008wish to be a worldwide judge of youth entrepreneurs - co-sponsor and

help us design an alternative shark tank

help swarm alternative apprentice leaders into maassive open online courses

help replicate global empowerment summist

Channel 11 BBB (BRAC*Bangladesh*Budapest) co-sponsored by

To be an alumni of BRAC is to:

understand this historical realities (not just storytelling) of how grassroots networking of the world's poorest village women built 150+million nation of Bangladesh:

the first quarter century 1971-1996 -the most extraordinary action learning and womens social netwirks of pre digital years

BRAC'S own response to 2030now has been to lead fundsraiing for next generation developments in schools for girls and to be the number 1 benchmark of such pro-youth networks as soros'open society movements and ineteconomics

the first 20 years of oartnerships (1996-2015) in mobile leapfrogging -beyond missing infratructires that had chained generations to poverty and illiteracy -here muhammad yunus was pivotal to fisrt experients but brac had the deeper health, education and banking infrastructires to sustain such extraordinary opportunities to colaborate around ending poverty

Understanding BRAC is also to study how the keynsian economics school of designing systems to end poverty became the minority becaue macroeconomists in the west from 1946 developed rules that assigned noi value to family and parbnetibg - this compounded the greatest social abnd sustainability crises which the mjillennial generations now face in what jim kim has called the chalenge of #2030now

question from owner of yazmi's 3 billion millenials elearning satellite- how do we map most trusted partners in sustainable world's favorite curriculum?

RSVP washington dc mobile 240 316 8157

..please help us update or fill in 100 links every job-creati

while reading this profile and engaging in this collaboration dialogue i was reminded how urgently :

I want to develop an on-demand coursera style format on future of health with lead research by hackathons particularly chinese womens hubs
If silver spring (home of the world's elearning satellite and the most innovative diaspora entrepreneur ecosystem near to washington dc)  is going to be epicenjtre of this,  i need to know in next 2 weeks as i want to distribute a handout on this in october at lima and san diego
Its pretty obvious that chinese open learning designers in mountain viiew are essential to fast forwarding this. Whats left to find out is whether silver spring networks wish to leverage that as an equal partner

when we interview movers and shakers in dubai internet city or silicon valley hubs, their number 1 question for 2016 sustainability onwards is
[8:27:39 AM] chrismacraedc:
[8:28:24 AM] chrismacraedc:
[8:29:17 AM] chrismacraedc: this is perhaps moist important china [erson to study right now
[8:29:38 AM] chrismacraedc: On 23 October 2014 Houlin Zhao was elected 19th Secretary-General of the ITU. His four-year mandate started on 1 January 2015.

Born in 1950 in Jiangsu, China, Mr Zhao graduated from Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications, and holds an MSc in Telematics from the University of Essex in the UK.

From 2007 to 2014, he served as ITU Deputy Secretary-General, supporting the work of the Secretary-General, principally in terms of day-to-day management, including human resources, financial administration, improving efficiency, and working to help broaden ITU's membership, particularly in terms of academic

whats the copnnection between peace and economics

well first youth cant grow a place sustainably if its not enjoyikng peace all around it

second peace and economics are erally two suides of the same compass- what intyergenerational u=inbvestments are being made so next generation out of evcery locality can be both more productuive and more sustainable

you would have thought that with 4000 times more spent on global voilage colaboration this interface between epace and economics would be empoiwring worldwide youth ans sustainability goals cirruculum by nmow - but is it

see also

nobel peace laureate summits

other rome intelligenece on this

other vopoen sociuety smarts on this

open source hackathons realted to apps of this


sustainability millennial early exploration of alumni channels needed to POP peace

yes great -palin all the bbc people -please get through to sarah too as shes in middle of them , green, nilekani, and the economist and potentially ophelia dahl, euroroyal and upper society nets
there is also the opportunity to take peace, immigrant, climate and cross-cultural summits to many movers and shakers in rome (unlike brossels berlin or basle   -rome is  about the last sustainability youth investors capital of europe) -mostofa please make sure this is on agenda in your discussions with blecher- specifically i no longer know where mandela movements linkin because ever since his death every chance to unite celebrations of what he asked youth to take on communally has been spoilt by yunus agents trying to build a second skyskraper around yunus (ironic that hust as the most destructive jobless universities in the world take building ivory towers to a new level of subprime campuses yunus is determined to have his own ivory tower too)
 and a dalai lama whose high principles are right but whose timing was all wrong- he more than anyone else takes the blame if the curriculum of how to be an alumni of mandela never becomes a mooc and/rt if china and worldwide millennials never hackathon with each other on the biggest social innovation challenges that only china diaspora can lead world on in our era of spending 4000 times more on borderless communications infrastructures (ie virtual livelihoods having potentially 10 times more productivity per person than not being linkedin at all)
and what is currently the missing mooc of how to live up to mandela also indicates what could be the ultimately valuation of any  mooc relevant to millennials' sustainability- did it linkin millions of youth to be active alumni of a world class jobs entrepreneur and peacebuilder and sustainability collaboration entrepreneur
romes crossroads include
the peace summit people themselves centred on club of rome sustainability and gorbachev networks
gorbachev networks go at least 4 ways that offer better futures for youth than the berlin-moscow investors in non-transparent dirty market sector empire:
with poland lech walesa - walesa tells stories of how gdansk shipworkers could never have freed poland from russia without pope john paul 2 moral.cultural support - time had come for polish people to lead both catholic and non-communist worlds
with soros - open society networks including the whole soros university central european university of budpaest- as you know from my fathers biography of von neumann 110 years ago budapest was the most enlightened educational capital in the world at least for mathematicians- von neumann , einstein about 8 others all linkedin budpaest and then fleed hitler to be the epicentre of american science in second quarter of 20th c and the fathers of maths needed for computing- hungary has now become an extremely sad case in just the last fortnight- lt was doing better than any of the other border states in building its own youth futures in spite of disastrous policies of berlin and brussels- but now it has geographically become entry point for migrants and is hated for saying it cant cope with the sorts of standards the rich germans would like to pretend europe idolizes -we can be sure soros must be as angry as hell as latest round of what brussels has done to his beloved hungary- how do we mooc soros
so open society with soros links to soros - we need to do a hackathon of this as its the most serious of all change economics youth networks; if we could just find one hub soros wants to do that out of so far he has used toronto and paris - and link that into CUNY and ultimately stiglitz who mostofa you say you have some contact with and krugman
4th soros was the start of all mobile phone partners in bangladesh and the starts of making partners in health a worldwide movement instead of just boston-haiti-peru- jim kim himself has said soros changed the impact of his life more than any single funder; soros changed impact of nailas life too and if we can bbc people like palin and rose to know that story they can start gossiping it to other bbc people including the guy who put together the uk olympics opening and its celebration of nurses
its a total tragedy that yazmi hq doesnt understand satellite distribution needs leadership of big stories youth can be empowered to change the world with; we need to work on yazmi dubai to see if they get that;
one of the side networks of hackathon of school in tablet is simply what are the 20 biggest network stories we need in a tablet so that when people like you and may go eg to a hub or new educational institute you can show them the menu of stories and then start with short video of the one that space most wants to empower it youth to collaborate around - at about 50 dollars you can leave the tablet behind if the institute has several pro-youth leaders
if we get the 20 story tablet right it should also be useful in a meeting with sur fazle abed while he is still on this earth, and it should be possible to show it in front of the quadirs in all sorts of subspaces in mit and boston ecosystem until they join in with us - ditto we can leave behind tablets with youth 20 greatest job creating alumni stories in various silicon valley open ;earning hubs
bernardos other introdutions in nmy trip to rome
my main host knew who in vaticanm and community rome to contact
his wife was a desity serbain women- she wanted to ttrain youth entreprenurs to be as resilient as serbia secret service agents which had previously empoyed her
the guy whose archaologists have discoverd an undergroung coloissuem- tomes big for 2024 olympics wants to lauck this new tourist attraction around a museum of future of all millennials cultires
the nobel peace laureates summit orgnaisers
the part of the un that links agriculatiral partners including grameen intel
and of cousre the undercover projects whicj unite the futures jim kim and paul francis want6 ti see

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