trip 10 to china2019 april 11 to 18 -main posts in this thread

trip 9 2018 nov - further research tsinghua/haidan- announcement china launching ai 3rd grade gorsl schools - follow year of studies at brookings by one of china's most passioate reseaachers of girls eaarly education to 12th grade , first thinkinchina meetup od stidemt year on polar belt roads- one of keynoters is dc leading chinese mediator of arctic circ;le nations - probably where all cl.imate won or lost (

visit nov 2016 wise@chian summit showed that china on behalf of its half billion under 30 will tru put most extreme transformation al experiment in livelihhod edu- this connects with 10 hyeras lof esearch on why sit gfazle abed was wise first laureate- as well as jack ma relaunching his career round education - first announcement sepot 2016 un educatiuon commission - confirmed summer 2018 to happen full timke frok sepot 2019

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Jpan needs to settle with s kporea lomce and for all - then JKC can take on corporations that did nit fully settle bho[al, roundup, ruiing equador with oil spills ...america needs to stiop playing a double standard - why onm earth should its compamies be permitted to invest in any chinese compmny when jack ma cant even invest in money bgram- kits freally time the less than 10% of opeple in the G6 told theoir governmen ts and lawye is rs to get out of the way - all the g6 with ots fake media and pr of the big bgets bighger ips doing is ending sustainabilitgy of our species- how can [eople sit in congress and parlkiament and pretend that is the will of the peoples
have a look at
have a look at
have a look at

12 free gtdrae zones in china now exist largely stimulated by belt road

porsche say that belt raid railway to china saves them over 20 days distribution time compared with shipping - valuablke to their customers many of whow order customised cars aiib zheng quan we iprive country's connectivity- we finace nkit only cr5oss boderer projects but key internal growth projects for countries- hidg quaility sustainability infra -energy transport ict physicalk infrastrucuctire - in futrire we will look moer at moving into soft infra- aiming more member clountries cental asia and middle east
med ;port hub

italian ports aiming to atarct belt raid chiense investments - case of pal.ermo to increase capaicty to 16 million

20% of shiping ytraffic ;passes through med

palermo lopoking for 5 billion euro

intel withdraws from 5g smrt6phone modems - 5g will be strategic priority in other aspects

guangdhou bay area will be 5 g

100000 base stations

expect 5000 mn user5s 20o21 - 2.5 bn by 2025

chtn he weiwei tour of 5 g hotewl

daniel arbe4nz shengzen incointiunental

ken hu huawei

has2019  summit shenzen

40 commercial contracts

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