Maurice thanks for skyping me yesterday from rome- nothing in 2017 can be better for joy of hard working youth and villagers than pope francis meeting xi jinping even as america trump and germanys merkel creatively destruct european union and disunited states. In 2018, Argentina's G20 of sustainable youth can then succeed with or without trumpites and merkelisms



 please see if you can do 3-way skype with amy and mostofa or 5 way since qin is same china timezone as amy and her friend parveen after a year of bangladesh journalisim in china is back in . I dont know if shammis is online but as the gandhi family at lucknow know she wrote the gutsiest books on being female muslim from a failed nation. Dawn Ian John Jeff understand open space challenges of being Amy (and other chinese in america or uk) better than I ever can.

Coming up in the World Record Book of Job Creators (WRJC)

  • What happened when a language teacher saw the worldwide web in usa and took it back to china? (WRJC Jack Ma AliBabaUNi )
  • What happens next? when the world’s biggest place leader (with a little help from the previous generations kindliest statesman's C100) asked how urgently and transparently 19 other biggest place leaders want their youth to collaborate around sustainability goals? How joyfully can  G20 student union clubs scale G20 student union club - how to blockchain the future of any market with a socially conscious purpose

  • What happens next? when a leader of the North Korean Diaspora in America demonstrated how franciscan values can sustain health and other vital professional services (Jim Kim youth in development)
  • What happens next? when the women who developed the poorest 100 million person pre-digital nation ask their daughters to be bridge what mobile digital partnership can do (BRAC see footnote)


And more….


But first the future history lessons that world record job creator tim berners lee empowers us to linkin through the wondrous open space of the worldwideweb cheered on by one of the first global village nations “Scotland’s Diaspora”



By penning moral sentiments in 1748, Adam Smith was to start an argument which would take the human race over quarter of a millennium to resolve

In terms of  Social Action networking how human lives are spent, the sustainability community  goals of #2030now… #2025now.. #20G20now will determine how this global reconciliation -and forms of life - emerge. For better or for worse, you, and particularly the half of the world aged under 30,  are collaborating in the most exciting times to be alive -- and to love humanity, motherhood, adolescents, children..



The argument among economists mediators and systems architects was about what is the right stuff of greatest place leaders made of:

A Does the most value multiplying leader serve his place only by separately developing/externalising that place and peoples’ jobs


B By mapping future possibilities designed around win-win-win trading patterns : does she grow the place and people only by sustaining the growth of other peoples and places


World Record Job Creator Tim Berners Lee has been tipping the outcome of the human race’s greatest argument towards intergenerational sustainability. PLAN B and 17 big hairy audacious goals webbed around the natural dna of human beings?

 It’s not just his invention of the world wide web that does this but the essence he has co-branded the world of webs around: openness and accessibility to all. What for example do you remember the London Olympics for? Do you remember it as the most expensive commercial celebration of sporting people? Or for the opening message that the 3 things Brits most joyfully celebrate with the world if not the contient across the channel are;

The English language as an open knowledge system

The worldwide web as FOR EVERYONE

Nursing as the most heroic human vocation and essence of girls empowering humanity


 Similarly what do you remember Beijing's Olympics for and will you remember Tokyo's 2020 to 1964. ?


Back in 1964 Akio Morita of sony was installing a television set in the British Embassy -there he met prince charles -the consequence? : suprisingly good restoration of relationships between Japanese Emperors and Britain's Royal Family . On might wonder without these new beginnings in Anglo-Pacific trust, would Britain ever have been so smart and gracious in timing when to give back Hing Kong to China?


When you belong to a nation that fails due to a financial scam, as Scots did at the start of the 1700s, the future livelihoods for your children do not look very bright. Fortunately, Scots of the late 1600s were organized around clannish networks that valued mission of education highly. Additionally while these clans may have had famous reputations as fighters (eg Shakespeare’s Macbeth or Hadrian's Wall) the DNA of coming from an isolated and cold northern land revolves around community collaboration. History shows that the hostile takeover of Scotland by England  (aka UK) resulted in most Scots not being able to earn a living on their land – so within a century of Adam Smith’s entrepreneurial charter most Scots were sailing the seven seas. The Scottish Diaspora set out to empower small entreprises in a way no other human search process was to match until 1995    


Fortunately among the Scots who emigrated during the first century of moral sentiments, one named James Wilson made the simpler journey to London then the epicentre of Empire . In 1843, he had become a Member of Parliament with the explicit goal of throwing out all fellow MPS who were representing the vested interests of big land owners (eg Corn Laws) and not the commons interests of the peoples of England or Scotland or Wales Or Ireland where a huge famine exposed a terrifying lack of food security 

James founded The Economist to achieve his goal. He started debates with London’s Royal Societies and biggest decision-makers on what the value of Empire sustainably needed to be designed around.


Fortunately or unfortunately for James, the Kingdom of his time was ruled by a Queen. Victoria is said to have taking a shine to James. Would he please go and reform Raj economics in Calcutta. James duly obeyed where he died 9 months into this systems mapping exercise due to diarrhea- a disease which it was to take over 100 years for girl power to scale the health service cure of through the invention or oral rehydration. So it was that over 100 years later James sacrifice was to become integral to the amazingly graceful story of how the place of Bangladesh was to be developed by the grassroots networking of the world’s poorest women villagers (see world record job creators sir fazle abed and muhammad yunus)


However back in 1860. James mediation was inherited by his English son-in-law Walter Bagehot. Walter as The Economist’s second editor went on to help Victoria reform the English constitution, design monetary systems that were anchored round families' savings and plant the idea that Empire’s future purpose needed to be an exploration of Commonwealth. A generation later Maynard Keynes was to write the definitive chapter (last chapter of general systems ) of why system design is critical to exponentially sustaining intergenerational goals- this type of Economist spends a lifetime learning to map back what futures will be possible for the next generations of any and every place.  



What if planet earth offers humans more innovation space than fighting over history's man-made national boundaries. What if the collaboration advantage of nations in a worldwide learning economy that grows human talents is greater than the competitive advantage of thing extraction. Of course this cannot be while the only macroeconomy is a paper chasing monetary one spun  round capitals concerned with consuming things and getting bigger where necessary by extracting other peoples carbon and steel, and gold and uranium. The West’s contribution to world wars proves this. If in doubt, read The Economist's own centenary autobiography edited in 1943.


But what if the global crisis of war was to concentrate futurising mathematical minds on inventions like John Von Neumanns computer and software languages. What if this was to start a future history of the human race that double  spends in Learning Communications Technologies (LCT) every 7 years until 2030. That's a 4000+ fold change in connectivity of the supply and demand of human relationships.  What if a hemisphere (the east) was to linkin this LCT to nations peacefully committed to ending empire and co-creating trades around quality electronics systems and superports and supertrains. What if a diaspora nation was to amass the third wealthiest investment force during the 3rd quarter of the 20th century. And how might that wealth be world wide webbed to free over a billion people from  subsistence to brilliant careers racing towards  interegenerational sustainability. What if Marco Polo's favorite epicentre of world trade was to jubilantly issue the Hangzhou Consensus of Interdependence of investing in global youth in 2016? What transparent maps are needed for a safe and healthy fusion of electronic world trade platforms for SMEs and One Belt One Road world class upgrade of trading infrastructures across half a hemisphere's nations and cultural bridges


To explore more:  what if going forward  you search out value inclusion maps of world record job creators by linking in Tim Berners Lee:

Jack Ma, 

Xi Jinping, 

Sir Fazle Abed,

Jim Kim.


  But caveat emperor : does humanity have enough faith in the half of the world aged under 30 to invest in:

  • Renewing planet by going beyond guzzling carbon
  • And freeing children wherever they are born to have exciting innovation opportunities as  a learning economy is designed around apps that multiply value as knowledge is used in opposite ways to how consuming up things caused scarcities



For better and for worse the industrial revolution spun many dynamics but probably the most inconvenient of all was how unevenly the opportunity to innovate was distributed. Take the 1960s. One part of the world was engaging in a race to the moon. Another third of the world's peoples were not yet connected to electricity grids. One part of the southern hemisphere (south America) was dreaming of gold standards in faith and public education- the Franciscan Preferential Option Poor and the Paulo Freire Pedagogy of the Oppressed. Another part of the southern hemisphere, Africa did not really enjoy any of the human entrepreneurial freedoms of ending empire that the joyfully spirited Asian (Tao, Zen, Maharishi ...) diasporas helped their continent liberate.


When The Economist reviewed humanity’s curriculum vitae at the end of the third quarter of the 20th century,  it was necessary to ask how difficult would mediating america’s third century be for Americans and for other hemispheres. The simplest question of the future history of worldwideweb revolves round:  can humanity unite to design te smartest learning media ever?- one which has values completely different to the way mass tv spun. The hardest question may be : will humanity of the early 21st century unite a round a consciousness that man’s greatest risk to the sustainability of youth is the discrepancies in incomes and expectations of rich and poor nations. Will global professions capable of audit risks at boundaries of networks as systems of systems materialise just in time. Albert Einstein posed this question and quoted odds against success. Lets believe he underestimated the recursive brilliance of human intelligence. Tim Berners Lee :

 "The Web as I envisaged it, we have not seen it yet. 

The future is still so much bigger than the past."  


If you love what tim berners lee stands for – look at companion world record job creators:

The future historans of digital media:

Deceased Norman Macrae, Alvin Toffler, Peter Drucker

Alive henry kissinger, george soros, mikhail gorbachev, 

Digitally-Locally conscious with APPs : don taspcott, the succession of leaders at mit media lab from negroprinte to joi ito, every value of openness that boston students have networked from helping bangladesh be the epicenter of industrial revolution 3 (you can hear me now mobile partnerships platforms with poorest villagers) to helping Haiti, Peru, Russian prisons and Rwanda, Liberia evolve as lifelong learning hubs of partners in health last mile services.


Consider also which languages remain the greatest peer to peer open knowledge-building systems : your mother tongue, English, Chinese, coding? Who mediates the fusion of good news world service and the educational opportunity of the greatest #LearningGeneration. 

Do Scots play a continuing role in this through the likes of Gordon Brown Home | the Education Commission ? Is the Scottish diaspora missionary zeal still alive in ways that African Diaspora can now leverage learning communication technologies as successfully as Asian Diasporas have shared worldwide.

Consider too: australia's global reconciliation network- its maps which student doctors and cultural artists help to compile of opening space across 70 radically different cultures between hemispheres 



discussions on Connecting - a guide to collaboration's best for the world organisations  to China: 

idea 1 newsletter between sir fazle abed and china 100 connectors

idea 2 tania zaman youth exchanges of plan intl between china and bangladesh also mediated by her aunt and scarlett's friend

idea 3 brainstorm intels rachel as george patton brings peer to peer adolescent health curriculum to bracs girls clubs

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