wanted 100 ways to free we the people from the economist as propaganda ruler

we make the assumption that keynes was correct in his explanation of how the economist, more than any other expert,   controls what futures your children will be free to focus their livelihoods on and what sustainability resources will be left on planet earth

remember the number 1 pattern rule of systems- a broem systems is one where the hearer an expert of the old rules work thoise rules the more system collapse is cused

note some mathematically scary dynamics associated with these controls

they compound exponentially - one way to define am exponential future orbit is that it looks as if its gradual/straight-foward until it tips- at which point downward spirals collaspse quickly - and even if the system can be saved in time the cost for youth to bail this out is far more than it would have cost elders not to have let so many conflicts compound

more than any other measurement profession that society has given   monopoly right to systemise rules over us

that from 1946 what has become 4000+ times more has been spent on worldwide borderless communications flow- this makes sup0erpowered rule with in borders like nations the most risky possible design we the peopes could be subject to

bernard Connolly - the rotten heart of europe

that arguably the world's best mathematician, and father of compouting, von neumann wrote: the [problem with econiomists is that they are not transparent aboput the hypotheses embedded in their system designs; over time the most detaield huppotheses are so embedded in the system that the macrtoeconomist no longer realsies that they the jyppothesesa re there

when you look at how old the economic systems are , every tome one collapses like wall street banks, it is clear that the orginal system rules were defined at a time whose practical resembalnace to today is next to zero- but therein lies the proble, when all te top people anmd advisers ion country have been elelecetd within a system of rules they are likely to be the last to chnage the rules even when today the dynamics of human economic relationshiops are mediated by structores with nmo resemblance to thios originally maifest

somer peoplk whicvh our 100 rules are inspied by

The Economist's unacknowledged giant

hazel henderson

george soror

jim kim

stve keem

the editrrs of freakonomics

maragerent blair chair of brookings 2000 report on the unseen wealth of wrong mathematical auditing of intangibles

pope framcis

the coders of how (whoich marhet real;ities) the worlds pooerst vilage women developed 150+ million nnation of bangladesh

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