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benchmarks for leading social business water solutions.

Dear Grameen Veolia Executive


Last week Yunus hosted a student social business competition across the state of New Hampshire -its so far the 5th inter-state step across USA to 25000 youth sharing entrepreneurial actions with yunus in 2015 in Atlanta at a celebration which CNN's founder Ted Turner has agreed to be lead funder of


Of over 70 contestants, the winner at New Hampshire is developing an organic way of treating water -the 3 minute video on aqua inc is top left here


Grameen Veolia Mail continued

Is this area of action networking of interest to any of your colleagues at Veolia? IF so, either I or the coordinating host at New Hampshire Fiona Wilson could introduce to the student leader involved


Many thanks Chris Macrae Washington DC 301 881 1655 MYEconomics

PS We're mapping back the challenge of which 25000 youth entrepreneurs could most gain from meeting Yunus at a post 2015 goals celebration in Atlanta - I wonder how many will be water entrepreneurs - your help in mapping who's who welcomed -


Help us list the most valuable purposes of water:

human health?

clean food security and clean everything that sustains every global village?

sustaining natural capital including climate - disaster preparedness in a borderless world?

core infrastructure to national/place development - transport, energy, sanitation? ultimate peace mediator?

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GREATEST SUSTAINABILITY LESSON EUROUNION TAUGHT ME: Water needs to be the world's biggest collaboration action network and open edu curriculum


For 3 years 2002-4 I was a volunteer editor to European Union - my specialist interest groug (sig) topic how to help design the most trusted -and emotionally creative conflict resolving-  collaboration networks given the EU was sponsoring a huge virtual community across all member countries whilst encouraging citizens to set up their own city by city collaboration chapters. I was privileged to interview many great innovation and knowledge experts and practice leaders - incidentally a best of type continuation of this work is at hosted by Australian Kim McDonald




We questioned what topic needed to be the world's most collaborative one. In terms of goal oriented topics it was agreed : end hunger or end poverty. However in terms of practitioners, it became evident that mapping water needs to be the most open system of all if we are to sustain global villages everywhere replicating green energy and local food security solutions as we go. While about a third of the active community joined together when the next funding round came together to propose such a design become integral to the future of the world's massive open virtual community, Luxembourg did not like our idea. They were receiving lots of sponsorship from technology manufacturers intent on selling how to replace human jobs not how to create them. Something anyone who has studied the EU over the last 20 years will know is dismally embedded in all their anti-youth policies as you can now see in many European countries' lost generations catalogue top 100 microfranchises


help catalogue 100 short videos on right old muddle of anti-youth economists..




At the moment pieces of the water angels network are scattered through 20 years of my personal inbox- and those of my friends. Now that open education has become the greatest youth economy multiplier of all time, what I am hoping is that if and when post-2015 millennium goal summits are configured around microeducationsummit, one of the first practice panels to form will be water angels- maybe partnerships like Grameen-Veolia and new Hampshire Youth Water Entrepreneurs will help start up this huge collaboration stimulus

..10 educators to collaborate around if 2010s is to link every youth'.....maximum life potential.


lessons from the largest classes ever held


OLA survey of 9 minute training modules millions of youth most want to interact



- post 2015 millennium collaboration goals to be set- open education not just banking needs to become focus of meta-hubs of microfranchises;

water microfranchises can restimulate water angel networking 

... ideas welcome rsvp

Some best in context water projects


Agua -because it could be the most massive action network of us youth water angels based out of new hamsphire and with all sorts of water connections


Naandi - one of the the most exciting projevts of the world's first public social business investment fund DANONE communities- its matches poor communities with local governments where water springs need patuent capital investors and shares knowledge across all such newly watered communities - another choice of the DANONE communities social business investment portfolio is 1001 fountains


Water shed knowledge - the first time I ever met a person "Prem Kumar" responsible for sustaining the lives of 1000 villages - he explained that 2 bonds were fundamental whenever new villages applied to join in: one we celebrate each others cultures, we must collaborate on water knowledge across our agricultural lands- fortunately in our part of india what we need to know how to build is water sheds- in fact the world comes to us for water she training now we are so experienced at it


Grameen Veolia projects mapped in the books of dr yunus as water's collaboration centre of gravity for social business


how and why treadle pumps illustrate many of the most subtle issues of microfranchises in determining whether a market's value chain frees contributions of the smallest hardest working people or traps them


choices from skoll world championships of social entrepreneurs
kickstart a mainly-Kenyan adaptation of the treadle pump invention first massively pioneered in Bangladesh

Water for People partners with communities in developing countries to create sustainable, locally-maintained drinking water solutions and supports market-driven sanitation solutions. It recently developed a new open-source monitoring and evaluation technology called FLOW (Field Level Operations Watch), which leverages Android technology and Google Earth software for tracking the status of water points at least 10 years after implementation. brings safe water to those who are without it. It has driven innovations in the way clean-water projects are delivered and financed and developed demand-driven water and sanitation programs, using microfinance. These innovations now serve as a model — so much that Fast Company did a July 2011 cover story on the organization’s work, and actor Matt Damon has led a very high-profile role. Its WaterCredit has stimulated more than $5 million in capital from commercial banks to fund water and sanitation microloan portfolios


BON Aqua - a primary education curriculum of water taught in Brazil (inspired as the greatest national innovation that Lula made before he became president) to 100000 students in the Foz Region which is becoming conflicted as it has the greatest reserves of water in the world


social forestry - one of the most exciting human networks for valuing the connections of nature's bottom up and open systems was founded out of Kenya by Wangari Maathai ; one of dr yunus' greatest collaborations in 2010s is social forestry - see eg Yunus Haiti partnership with Branson and others


which ILABs and other world citizen hubs ensure people collaborate around water in every way that human imagination can celebrate and action?


advanced technologies of water that 7 billion people need to freely question everywhere we can include- desalination (until we progress this technology Shakespeare's warning resonates: water water everywhere but not a drop to drink ); connection with photosynthesis and solar energies - not only is this the only clean way to abundant future energy for people everywhere but its processes can also clean up carbon and nuclear wastes


sanitation projects:

sanitation creations is 2nd winner in Yunus North Carolina statewide student sb competition

main focus of Singapore's WorldToilet - a yunus host of regional events with the national university of Singapore

Water in China:
Desperate measures

Rivers are disappearing in China. Building canals is not the solution

Danone-Backed Project Provides Water at Cost to Cambodia

Heng Sinith/AP Photo
Danone.communities grew out a partnership six years ago with the French bank Credit Agricole SA after Danone Chief Executive Officer Franck Riboud met Nobel Peace Prize-winner Muhammad Yunus. It backs nutrition projects in Bangladesh, Senegal and China, water works in Cambodia, India and Mexico.

When Francois Jaquenoud knocked on Danone’s door seven years ago seeking clean-water funds for Cambodians, the maker of Evian turned him down. Two years later, Danone reversed course.

Just how did the Paris-based company that’s the biggest yogurt maker get involved half a world away in Cambodia?

Credit dates to when the founder of “1001 Fontaines pour demain,” French for “1,001 Fountains for tomorrow,” crafted a business plan to provide 2 liters (a half-gallon) of safe water a day to each Cambodian. From not a drop in 2004, the former Accenture Plc (ACN) consultant’s enterprise now sells water to 100,000 Cambodians at cost: less than a euro cent (1.38 U.S. cents) a liter.

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