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This panel will discuss how cities of the future must absorb the world's rapidly growing population while ensuring access to clean water and sanitation infrastructure. Discussions will touch upon international financing for water and sanitation infrastructure projects, the continued emergence of desalination technologies as a valuable asset, and the important link between watershed conservation and the availability of clean water.

Water and Our Cities 


This panel will explore the extent to which water use in our industries has changed and debate why these changes have come about. Discussions will be focused around three topics: thermoelectric power, where total water use is high and regulation is important; unconventional oil and gas, where growth is high and technology is important; and mature industries such as beverage, pulp & paper, mining and downstream oil and gas, where both regulation and technology play a role. The overall objective is to leave the audience with an understanding of where and why water use is changing in industry.

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The UN estimates that global population will exceed 10 billion by the end of this century, yet the land and water resources used to feed this growing population remain finite. The problem is compounded by the effects of climate change, which will alter the global distribution of arable land, and the demand for more water-intensive, higher calorie diets as nations develop. This panel will examine these challenges and discuss technical and political solutions that draw on the diverse backgrounds and experiences of the panelists.

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