shannon may and noah samara - if you like open scaling

jim kim- if you like young professionals learning from spaces with most deperatres needs-solutions

and banking for that. connections to other wrlc - sir fazle abed, soros , jack ma; 

sir fazle abed

jack ma

xi jinping

gandhi lucknow family and blechewr (mandeak extrane)

berners lee




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shannon may and noah samara - if you like open scaling

intel rachel

khan acaemy

robogal- ausytralian-asian-imperial london connector

hunt for missing curricula -hubs eg icog, ihub, ushahidi


girls education brokings africa best cases

(girls education brac main inyernational network is adolescent girls clubs)

jim kim - if you like young profesdsionals learning from spaces with most deperatres needs-solutions

and banking for that. connections to other wrlc - sir fazle abed, soros , jack ma; 

crossroads -franbciscan - guttierez -peru world bank summit 2014; argentina g20 summit 2018- pope francise- crossroads faith al hathaway supercities western networks -lonoisis 1776 hubs (cf super city chinese networks)

crosroads health - paul farmer, ophelai dahl - young helath young chronic boston ; eva vertes; nigeruia flying doctor

crossroads stratetgy global kealth micheal porter; crsossroads worfld class helath servannts elena wen baltimore, george pagtten with mlancet p2p adolesecent curricula, paul komesarooff, denis gilhooly, arknsas emedicine, sir heith petgers, paul nurse

crossroads education sir fazle abed jack ma gordon brown

crosstoads tedx dbanj, elena ethiopia

crossraofds take youth to create curriocula b,lum - crossroads latino networks -zara marsellan ; (tross viguria; iadb).  bedy yang 500 women network

crossroads conditional cash transfer - give directly youth research networks

crossods ebole - soros with brac liberua and sierra leone-0 last mile healt network servants

croosriads sorosgorbachev nobel peace summit rome- other rome green club orf rome, main uend hunger networks- rome youth antropology e[pivcentre - new underground colliseumn 

sir fazle abed

part 1 pre digiotal 1972-1996

origin of bottom up professions

lead microfranchise designers - additionally brac research publish eror lessons as well as replicable open solutions

agriculture - rice crop science with china

barefoot doctors with china- oral rehydration - 100000 s model of paraheal;th vilage networkers with james grant - first world class subcurriculum at brac uni

connected to 50000 tecahers model of informl primary

30000 training for living model of microbankers connecetd with redesign of valu chains

larry brilliant

post digital

quadirs with legatum (bkash ) and abdul latif - ,mit, dubai, middle east touota foundation

alos paul polak

wash program

sir fazle abed soluions entrepreneur connected with yunus storytleeing which eg helped get quick start in 1996 for bangaldesh as forst partner lab in mobile and microsoilar  - co investor george soros

see thos celebratig sir fazle 80th birthday incldued kim, gates, godron brown

jack ma - worlds most conscious busienss men - eg some of china entrepreneyr club and c100

bridgeing g20 with jin ping and conscuious g20 leaderes

platofrms ecoomerce, digital finacial inclusion blocckchian

branson main entrepreneurial summit host of blockchaion


foudner of ethereum

people most helping jinping

his wife - Peng Liyuan and G20 China first ladies

will chose 6 of 7 national eaders mid 2017

mapping back with pope francis

connectiions with many g20 or one belt eladees

with hangzhou presidnt co-stages summits in beijings suburgb of entreprenurs- china is connecting 100 suoer city projects asd well as ali babas and yale serve china tao bao vilage projects

pRtnerships africa connecytomg wioth gayteway to tone bel;t

partershiosp with south amwerica - eg with bachelet hostorically ; g20 south america 2018 - and with B of brocs

indai is criotocal lead p[artners of brics

who afre jinpings critiocal paretners in aean

connections expecetd from wave 2 busienss leaders (ie privatisation)

desigig media to have world smartest educatiuonal impacts

ending corruption

mediation with the woprld class connectiosn of kissinger and c100 world responsbible trade connectrors

policy for ,mosrt trusted universitry presidents

gandhi family - connecting  kalam - main live tech connector nilkani and bangalore hubs

indias key connections with china and eg modi support of hackathos

india and china mlost radical need for 10 time bteeyter value in education -especially girls and sustainability youth education

taoist /confucist / movements eg maharisah i (mandela) amma

zen -  eg japan

mulitcultural youth exchanges before adolescence

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