help shape 2016's map where Valuing half of the world under 30 is the smartest investment peoples have ever made

WYC  text usa 240 316 8157 to celebrate youth 

Helping to connect the most collaborative under 30s networks on sustainability planet was the last dream of The Economist's Norman Macrae.

His family's foundation sponsored first youth in 2006 . One consequence was Norman's last public birthday party was with Muhammad Yunus in 2008, and most of his remembrance parties since 2010 have been convened by leaders of youth movements committed to end poverty, women empowermentand radically change education to every industrious young person has a decent livelihood- whatever their hemisphere of origin, their sex, their joy of faith or source of hope.


Two weeks after his death, a remembrance weekend was held at Glasgow Uiversity where Adam Smith Scholars invited Muhammad Yunus to launch a journal of new economics -one mapping above zero sum "social world trade" of knowhow-multiplying youth - instead of the old zero sum economics of consuming up things.

Who's Value Systems- Little Sisters Versus Big Brothers?

Norman was the first to timeline every possibility of sustaining the net generation with his 1984 book - based on 12 years of entrepreneurial revolution interviews from peoples around the world. On grounds of population statistics , Norman noted  from 1975 how half of all youth of 2015-2025 would be co-located within 3000 miles of Beijing. In all probability the imopact of chinese girl power would be critical if green energy and other sustainable systems are to unite the human race. 

In March 2016 after 10 years of connections the first in a family of Youth Community was officially registered as the Global Youth Community out of Dubai. This was founded by Inaugural friend of NMF and Bangladesh Villager Youth Mostofa Zaman who back in 2008 had been the youth Muhammad Yunus had asked to form 10000 youth ambassadors. Racing to linkin the next YouthCommunity are:

Amy - a young chinese woman brigging english speaking world's and the 10000 youth ambassador


Maurice Nobili global youth connector of Franciscans linked to such Vatican University celebrations as

if you would like to colaborate with the social action networks and solutions that value youth the most - watch this space or text washington DC 240 316 8157

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1 economics as practice and study of most massive underemployed group of people to liberate next in way that sustains human race
2 2016-2025 worldwide youth will be the greatest livelihoods ever liberated - thats if sustainability goals are a whole truth investment concern of most people alive today
manny and john and frineds of worldyouthcommunity
APRIL 2016 next remembrance party story of dad ... before amy and worldyouthcommunity visits brac 
brac (its open partnerships as the world's biggest and only truly sustainable bottom-up NGO, including its health service network that scaled 112 years too late for oral rehydration to save james wilson from dying before his time as queen victoria's open space missionary in the Raj) is the practical grassroots structure and human interest story of valuing all women who never had livelihood or literacy or health or investors before; 
BRAC education systems and the coders it has chosen with legatum and MIT are perfect for actioning the livelihoods learning economy all underemployed people living within 3000 miles of beijing can unite now in such a way that this half of the world invites the other half to celebrate every sustainability goal as what under30s can now do 4 hemisphere under 30s Girl Empowerment Now
imagine several thousand amys (with some help from coding wizards) making that 4 hemisphere invitation at the same time - could we invite youth to celebrate a happier world than that?
get this right and joyful youth need to leak it everywhere johns maths or manny music can plant hope through youth and bottom up in every mass community of peoples
my parallel "open space" mail illustrates how to make baltimore the lab that liberates all underemployed americans starting with black and latino- this is the peoples not the politicians (and their mass media's) job to network
my fathers tennis partners were his most revolutionary network - SO if we get this story right now then lord sainsburys daughter will enjoy apping it to green and hopefully
her relationship with prince charles is sufficient to unite all royal families of green and all royal societies of geography architecture etc including the bbc commentators (why did reality tv promote donald trump instead of my fathers 1984 demand for an end poverty apprentice to celebrate new millennium?) who lurk in them; and then princess anne is the connector of all royals who want affordable health for their peoples-recall the opening script of london olympics celebrating how to value nurses more than any other profession- easy to map f you believe sustainability (its gain or loss) starts up in every community -that was adam smiths definition of free market- no matter that 99% of economic professors are now hired to mistranslate smith in every way that values 85 men's decision-making power as worth more than 40% of the human race. Little Sisters versus Big Brothers last stand is now.
 her relationship with nilekani is strong enough for india to start doing what the windsor circle dreamed it could now bottom up broadband and universal identity has been invested in to remember Kalam - the greatest pro-youth educator of satellite age other than sir fazle abed himself
her relationship with the owners of the economist is strong enough to demand that sarah makes one last decision on what the goal of the ownership structure of The Economist is as it enters its 8th quarter of a century in 2018 - all the better if someone jewish would ask soros to join in that great intergenerational conversation (strangely there are rumors that an italian white knight is reinvesting in The Economist , I wonder if their family is franciscan)

The Economist magazine goes to Italian owners of Juventus ...
This is Money
Aug 12, 2015 - One of Italy's richest and most glamorous families, the Agnellis, has become the majority owner of the Economist after Pearson decided to cut ...

The Economist becomes a family affair | Media | The Guardian › Media › The Economist
The Guardian
Aug 15, 2015 - Italy's Agnellis are the latest wealthy dynasty – in the wake of the ... second significant change of ownership in the Economist's 172-year history.
Keynes did not intend economics to design 

The 85 Richest People In The World Have As Much Wealth As The 3.5 B...

coming soon the story of the year the japanese nominated dad for a nobel prize

Good news story with thanks to friends at

there will never be a time like now to host a pair of open space - we have the perfect space "Druid Hill "  and reputation as baltimore's epicentre of hackathons and black community conscience
the warm up one before academic takes its summer break and while most of american people feel they dont have a candidate that represents them
the second timed during the first week youth come back to colleges which is where their year long action learning diaries get cast in stone under the old collegiate system
to start the invitation process which of your pro-youth leaders will complete the sentence
baltimore can change usa because (eg women empowerment can)
what we need is a practice leader in each market that chuck sees as critical to locally massively frnachise smes
for example he talks about direct health care and one of johns and mannys favorite entrepreneurs leads conscious healthcare for the elderly
i believe one of the most critical things is finding one catholic and one black college leader in baltimore who wants to be let in the secret as to why baltimore has become the perfect lab for any supercity and especially for all the peoples to change DC ; once we have those leaders on our side we can percolate through every faith leadership and every college- 
once we have the black college in baltimore that is up for this its not hard for a team round naila and me to check which atlanta folk still want to empower black students across the nation of historically black colleges- we spent 3 years as judges and sponsors of yunus stateswide student entrepreneur competitions-- getting to know everyone in atlanta that wanted to invite that open space of we have black youth momentum, maybe al's connection with Jim Kim can sneak the invitation that this is franciscans united youth opportunity too; and isnt it time that the youth of supercity baltimore-dc were encouraged to have positive trading relationships with youth of china and indeed half of the world working within 3000 miles of briefing- if there is such am organisation as a supercity development baltimore-dc why wouldnt it want to start by valuing all these most positive youth empowerment connections; do we actually understand what 1776 declaration of independence was about in freeing markets to be for and by the peoples of the USA and not the markets ruled by british empire and slavery embedded in that strange industrial model of humanity- it was to question how to transform that model that The =Economist was born by Scots in 1843 and the english constitution was re-edited with queen victoria by the economist's 2nd editor walter bagehot- someone like george soros will confirm 1776 and 1843 and all that!   
and of course there can be a don beck subgroup standing up and convening space within the overall open space or a conscious friends of john mackey -just invite collaboration's relevant people to the fists open space and do it now
we already have a model for valuing under 30s  releasing youths good news futures coming from the 3 billion people mostofa , amy and maurice can reach with their worldyouthcommunity
its pretty easy to ask sir fazle abed of  to help naila set up a future of womens studies the way women developed the hundred plus million nation of bangladesh; at the moment he has given his name to one rather sleepy centre of that sort which is in Berkeley but not integrated to the main movement there that is making global poverty the favorite minor across the UCAL system
we  can make global ;poverty the favorite curriculum across east coast -indeed if we dont do this now who ever will save usa from poverty systemisation
i know most of you could write this invitation better (eg how would you write ten liner to leonsis so that both his sports teams basketball and ice hockey join in -if we get leonsis we get 1776 dc's great hub to die for having a sister hub in baltimore; and 1776 is already canadian education's and youth exchnages foothold in usa);
 my wish for you is that you see how many tipping points are in play now that never will be again
cheers chris

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