WRJC special report world childrens interdependence day

World Record Job Creation book -deadline 10 countries in time fior 2018 celebrations of 175th year of mediating job creating future generation

the greats of job creation systems - keynes, gandhi-montessorri, sir fazle abed, obama's mother - have always been passionate about youth amateur dramatics as ways of linking in both community-sustaining movements, cross-cultural joy and local of artisan skills -the whole anchored on ending structural poverty in villages industrial thing-age production not only never reached but dumped on

still i never quite understoofdwhy one of bracspride and joys is employing 40000 vilage theatre troops- until spending 3 days with creative children from 70 nations bringing joy and energy to the elipse (the extension of the whilte house laws in washington dc) thanks to www.icaf.org - typical events attached

among many cascading aha moments, the most valuable for me was revealed by my chinese co-workier on world recodr book of jobs creation - why had china sent largest international delegation to 20th year of celebrating creative children olympiads? (as near to the white house lawns (the ellipse) as the organisers could muster)

it seems that summer camp movements in china can be the next big thing and they would like to see their mots creative children exchange with americas children who already have 50 years of artistic summer camping

in more detail- tell us if this is a chapter ofworld record book of job creation you can help catalogue

china wants from creative children movement but which icaf in spite of 20 years isnt delivering on its own out of its watergate hq- in fact MAGIKID is both a huge technology driven movement (chinese and west coast) and one wishing to import summer camps to china exchange chinese and american youth leaders

seeing all of these wonders through the eyes of a millennial chinese young lady

 ...whose father used to be a small town entrepreneur but then his factory and home were confiscated because he had three children so her life's networks are a most extraordinary mixture of rural and small business entrepreneurs trying to sustain the china the top decision makers dont know

Next stage of WRJC cluetrian:  to plan a china trip where i can start getting some student unions to adopt summer camp movements; at the same time can there be student unions of 1 women4empowerment; 2 taddys work; 3 yazmi ; 4 hiro's work  5 amritas work ...- my diary is such that i need to do first trip before august 12

chris  will you partner world record book of jobs 


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have sent out invitations to collaboration cafe on everything 70 nartiosn youth learnt out of dc's week long gathering

group 1 academics

group 2 catholic fans of francis approach

group 3 african intelligence diaspora

group 4 open education platform leaders

group 5 branson bteam support network

group 6 mobile female world bankers

group 7 arts networkers

and o fort

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