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Most WRJC (1 2) are selected as living persons as our goal is to guide young people to be alumni of jobs creators. But there are some dynamics of the future that history is spinning - take for example our journey through most of 2 millennia up to 1946 on why most people live and trade out of Eurasia

For more background on history legacy on job creation today we recommend:

St Francis and the Clares

Damo or confucius or similar eastern zen leader

Adam Smith, James Wilson and Maynard Keynes - all of who questioned way ahead of time would the world ever get out of the mess spun by english empire

When it comes to urgency of designing a new globalization trajectory by 2030 latest, we prefer the maths analysesof Einstein and Jon Von Neumann to the storytelling of George Orwell but all are concerned with the same crisis if man conflicts with mother earth the first time man' invesntions compete for global scale

It s notable that Einstein values the whole truth mindset of Mahatma Gandhi and that Gandhi's aim to design a wholly new education system before confronting British authoriuties with peace marches was so brilliantly supported by Maria Montessori. (Probaly no peer of Gamdhi taught the world more because many people recorder his diary of actions and he linkedin 3 contients as barrister at bar of london:

thus london when he studied and lobbied on his triangular tours between Mumbai, Durban and London

south africa where he did most of his professional work as a lawyer and in his mid 40s had his revoluionary moment in 1906 when thrown off a train for having the wring skin color

india where he designed education systems and spent quarter of a century growing a social and mainly peacful disobedience movement until britain had no colonial leg to stand on in the eyes of the world

Our next histrocal chapter will focus on 1946-1975. Before we get to the girls empowered miracles of mainland china and the southern belt territiory of Bangaldesh, it is necessary to explore how japan grew as number 2 economy in less than a ganeration after losing world war 2, how s korea gew, and how the chinese diaspora as traders leading the regions suoerports eg hong knong, sinagpore, taiwan.. had already becomed the 3rd strongest financial power by 1975

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